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B|oweFish 28th February 2003 20:48

review : Morrowind (eng.)
Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls III


From the moment I had the game, I was enchanted. The first time I started the game, I was impressed by the very nice soundtrack, witch you can hear when youíre configuring your game. Because the lay-out is really nice, itís easy to do this. The menu, the lay-out, the music, the intros, everything supports the magic of the game.

The magic begins:

When everything is configured, you can press the Ďnew gameí button to start your adventures in Morrowind. This is the name of the island where youíll live for the long time. The game starts when you set foot on Morrowind.

Here you got to choose what character you want to be during the game. This isnít a hard choice but you got to use your head because itís quite important.

When you have made your choice you'll be released in a wonderfull world. As far as the eye can see I saw lovely houses and freaky and funny humans and creatures. They might look friendly but they arenít very happy when you, an outlander, start a conversation with them. They also will attack you/ignore you when they really hate you.

From the first second you have to do a quest for your Ďmasterí. But, if you donít want to do this quest, just donít do it. Thatís a great thing about Morrowind, you can do whatever you want to do. When you want to do it. Thatís one of the many reasons why I was so addicted to this game. Itís never boring.
If you want too, you can go freelance the whole game. But youíre going to need lots of money to buy clothes, spells and weapons. Thatís why you better join a guild. You can chose from the Fighters guild, The Mage guild, The Thieves or The Blades. You can join some other clans to, but these are the most important. When you finally have chosen a guild, youíll got to do some quest to earn your money. With the gould you have earned you can go to the weapon store, book store, tailor, smith and many more. You choose something, pay for it and leave. Or you can kill the store owner and rob the place.

During the game, your character will evolve into a lean, mean fightiní machine. The skills you train the most will raise and youíll become better in this skill. When youíre done training it, you can choose another one.

Some extra information:
Offical website of the game :
Website of the developers :

System requirements:

* Windows ME/98 128 MB RAM
* Windows XP/2000 256 MB RAM
* 500 MHz Intel Pentium III, Celeron, or AMD Athlon processor
* 8x CD/DVD-ROM Drive
* 1 GB free hard disk space
* Windows swapfile
* DirectX 8.1 (included)
* 32MB Direct3D compatible video card with 32-bit color support and
* DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
* Keyboard, Mouse


Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls III is a beautiful game. This was the first RPG that Iíve played and I loved it! The developers of Morrowind really did a great job.

Proís :

- beautiful graphs
- good sound and lovely soundtrack
- [Bravehartstyle] FREEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! [/Bravehartstyle]
- its an addicting game

Conís :

- When you replay the game, every important item is still on the same place. (thnx to RB ;) )

Graphs: 23/25
Game play: 22/25
Sound: 19/25
Fun Factor: 23/25

Total of: 87/100

Go and buy this game!


Thnx to Roswell for correcting my suckie englisch in the original review :super:

SABE 28th February 2003 20:53

sjeik sjeik
nog ni elemaal geleze majah
kzal wel ff verder lezen
ni echt mijn genre van spel, majh :p :D

greetz SABE

Roswell 28th February 2003 22:43

Re: review : Morrowind (eng.)

Originally posted by B|oweFish
Thnx to Roswell for correcting my suckie englisch in the original review :super:
Was only a couple of hours of work, no big deal :^D

(j/k off course... minute or 15.. glad i could help... )

jmke 28th February 2003 22:45

great work Blowfish! gonna see what I can puzzle together to have your "own" corner @ the M-site for game reviews!

B|oweFish 28th February 2003 22:46

thnx =)

(kan zijn dat ik reviewke kan maken van IGI2 :p )

B|oweFish 2nd March 2003 20:26

morgen doet er ne maat van mij, die jammer genoeg een eind van mij woont, Splinter Cell en Unreal II op de post.
Moogt daar dus ook een reviewke van verwachten.

lukt het een beetje met 'het-vinden-voor-een-plaatsje-waark-mijn-review-kwijtkan' ? :)

jmke 2nd March 2003 20:38

yep, staat mee op men "how to improve madshrimps" to do lijstjen
naast men xp tbred o/c article, heatsink review, coolermaster vs cf2909 review, win2000 howto, systemguide & hwfaq integration into [M] lijst :)

B|oweFish 2nd March 2003 20:40

bb sociaal leven :)

hf ;)

jmke 2nd March 2003 20:43

volledig OFFtopic, maar u compleet gelijk, deze zaterdag vanaf 12u tot 17h30! bezig gezeten voor die heatsink testen, ask Hannes, pretty damn long.

TerAngreal 3rd March 2003 19:06

en da zijn dan enkel de tests ...

maar ja, fast and the furious met een extra delta-met-stofzuiger-allures-en-grootheidswaanzin-geluidje is altijd aangenaam :)

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