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B|oweFish 29th October 2003 21:48

Review: Chrome

Chrome is the first Ďfirst person shooterí made by Techland Software. Techland Software hmm? I never heard of them. They were at E3 in L.A. but that was the only thing I knew about Techland Software. Anyway, enough chitchat about the developers.

The game:

'Chrome is a tactical first person shooter whose main action takes place in the future during the colonization of the newly discovered solar system of Valkyria. An unusual and dramatic story takes place among the huge and wild terrains of the five planets, within the residential complexes of the first settlers, deep within mines rich with precious minerals and inside the headquarters of the powerful corporations fighting among themselves over the unique riches of Valkyria. From tropical forests, rocky deserts, canyons, a crater, snowy glaciers to lakes and mountains Chrome has it all.' Or not?

The game play:

The game has stunning graphics, thatís for sure. But the game play and the A.I. of your enemies arenít that good. The engine has troubles sometimes: it lags and stutters. I even have to play the game in safe mode because my pc canít handle resolution 1024*768 with every detail option set to full.
Lots of enemies equals lots of lagging, and thatís not really funny while you play. I think the developers at Techland therefore made the enemies dumb so you would stand a chance against 8 guys while lagging like hell. If they notice you, they will attack immediately and run straight at you. You even know that there are enemies at the other side of the door - because you have the dumbest radar which ruins every element of surprise in this game Ė and you throw a hand grenade to the other side of the wall you can here a little cry ĎGrenadeí. Ok, nicely done and stuff, but why do they run to the grenade when they know that that would kill them? It doesnít make any sense.

And there is another thing, when you want to aim precisely you shall have to hit your mouse2 button because thatís when your crosshair will change to another mode which allows you to aim precisely. When you release you mouse2 button the crosshair will change and then you canít hit ****. Now here comes the beautiful part, when you hit mouse2 and you focus to shoot someone in his head you will walk slow, very slow.
Therefore rushing is out of the question. When you rush you would have to aim precisely to hit something or someone BUT youíve got to run. And because of the walk-slow-when-you-aim-your-gun thingy you canít walk fast. Isnít that wonderful! OK, itís a tactical shooter, but rushing once in a while doesnít hurt anyone Ė anyone cause you canít hit any-thing!



In the game you will have to possibility to around with some vehicles. Itís fun because they are really nice and fast and some of them have lots of firepower. But controlling them isnít that easy. Ok, youíre thinking, isnít it fun to drive around in some sort of moon cars? Actually it is fun! After some practice it would be very fun to drive around these beautiful worlds. It WOULD be fun, because you arenít getting the chance to practice your drive skills. Since there arenít many parts in the game where you actually need or can drive for a long time, itís mostly just for a few seconds. AND THATíS A SHAME!

The graphics:

As said before, the graphics are really good. The different places youíll have to go are really nice! From palm trees to desert, everything looks really good. All different worlds have real growth in 3D, even when you put all your video options to normal. All in 3D, not just painted on the floor like in the most games
But as you all know, pictures can say a lot more then words, so here are a few in-game screenshots:


This game hasnít got it all. At first sight everything looks cool and smooth. The graphics and intro of the game will maybe blow you away, but after a while the gameplay will begin to bore you and you will find the uninstall button very quickly. At least, thatís what happened over here. I didnít even have the chance to get hooked on this game, too bad, because it had the potential to be a #1 game :x. Itís a pity that the gameplay isnít all that. And thatís what counts!

+ Nice graphics
+ The way to your uninstall button isn't that hard to find

- Sucky game play
- vehicles (isn't easy to control them)
- can't rush (thats a BIG con for moi)
- it's pretty hard (due sucky game play)
- boring from time to time
- you've got a radar so there isn't an element of surprise to be found in this game.

Graphs: 24/25
Gameplay: 13/25
Sound: 19/25
Fun Factor: 15/25

Total: 71/100

DUR0N 30th October 2003 00:21

nice review.

I like to rush a lot too :)

SpoBo 2nd November 2003 21:15

A bit hard on the contras for a result of 71% .. didn't play it so I can't judge it. :p

the maniak 3rd November 2003 10:21

If I look @ the screenshots, they sure look like a halo rip off...


and you throw a hand grenade to the other side of the wall you can here a little cry ĎGrenadeí
this is also ripped from halo....

I think this says enough ;)

Toolie 3rd November 2003 10:30

That has to be the absolute worst review I've ever read, hands down. I can't beleive this site sent it out to the major news sites as a legit review.

You complain about performance with a game like Chrome (it "lags and stutters"), maxed out, on a Ti4200??!! here's a news bulletin: This game uses Direct X 9 libraries, high poly counts on vast levels with large texture resolutions, you need to either a.) reduce your detail settings or b.) get a higher end card if you want to run it with full detail otherwise it runs fine with details lowered. I won't even get into the ridiculous statement of the radar ruining the "surprise" of enemies attacking. You made zero mention of how implants affect your success in a mission and how they become almost a necessity in later missions (but I'm sure you never got far enough to find out).

If I had to guess I'd say you went into the game thinking it was a run-n-gun spectacular but it turns out its a slower paced tactical shooter where you have to think about what you do before you act. The gameplay proved too challenging so you chalk it up to "sucky gameplay" and hit the uninstall button.

Great work. Don't quit your day job.

jmke 3rd November 2003 10:44

Hands down the worst comment ever Toolie, instead of posting a mature and friendly post you chose to ignore this and went all out. Congrats!

the review Clearly states what the background of the reviewer is (fast FPS) so don't be surprised if this game gets a negative review from him..

secondly: the game engine is nauseating, even on a DX9 capable video card, running around in the game for more then 15min gave me an instant headache. Don't have these problems in Q3A/UT2003/Max Payne2/Halo.. etc

+the AI of the enemies is very low, nothing tactical about that. It ruins the whole game and makes this game score very low on playability and average fun had from this type of "game-play"

my 2 cents

jmke 3rd November 2003 10:58


The AI in the game, like many others, has its good and bad points. It runs away from grenades, but itís usually too late and they still get blown up. They will also try to surround you, but if you chase after some, they just end up going in circles. If you kill someone that is part of a group, you can notice the other guys get their guns out and start looking around. If they are close enough to you they will attack.

jmke 3rd November 2003 10:59


Chromes AI is nothing exciting, in fact at times its quite worrying. About the most intelligent move that you will see the enemy do is duck and this for no means cover. They will duck if they are standing in an open field, which may at first prove worthwhile, its not really when your firing a heavy assault rifle. The AI from my experience playing, nearly 20 hours, have little sight of where they can find places for cover, but this doesnít mean they are a push over. The AI is very accurate, at distance and up-close your as good as dead in a few seconds. As a result Chrome is a very hard game, particularly if you donít play it how its supposed to be played. Whilst snipers donít always sink their shots, you have to run between areas of cover to survive from the field of view of a Sniper Tower. The AI will at times retreat and appear to work in groups, but it doesnít do it convincingly that I feel I am fighting a group of soldiers. Though the AI shouts out orders, its clear that if you hide behind a rock or crate, the AI is quite passive to your presence, not hunting you down aggressively, yet whilst they can see you they will not stop shooting until your dead. When you jump up from cover the AI has a pin point aim on you, like it knows where your going to attack from. However Chrome my look and feel at first and also sell itself as another Sci Fi shooter, it plays very much like Project IGI. In this I mean its vast, the AI is accurate and deadly and its also very hard. Thankfully if you drop one of the enemy by sniper rifle they will notice! But then we expect that nowadays no? The AI is ultra sensitive to sound and movement and so you really have to play the game quite stealthy. If you charge in guns blazing your dead, if you think you can take on a couple of enemy soldiers up close, your dead. Outside the AI plays better than it does inside as inside the rooms are claustrophobic and the enemy donít really move that much, not running from grenades. Inside they are nearly always up-close, ensuring a lot of damage and regrettably Quick Save and Quick Load frsutration.

jmke 3rd November 2003 11:01


+Gorgeous Graphics
+Some good firefights
+Bundled Level Designer

-AI needs some work
-Weíve seen this stuff before


jmke 3rd November 2003 11:03


Game play

Oh dear. With all the graphics-related hyperbolae over, things come crashing down into a heap when we discuss gameplay. In a word, Chrome is dull. The biggest thing that lets it down is the abysmal AI that should be the cornerstone of any self respecting FPS. Enemies generally rush you without a care for their own safety. In these post Halo days such low levels of AI are not welcome.

There is also the issue with the Ďfree formí game structure issue. The developers claim it is free form but I would have to question that. Time and time again I came across the dreaded Ďinvisible wallí. Hereís an example: on one of the missions you are required to rescue a scientist from a base. To do this you must drive through the enemies compound in a lightly armoured jeep. Itís not easy to do so I decided to go into the base prior to busting out the scientist to pacify it making my escape much easier. Sadly I was actually stopped by an invisible wall! The bridge I drive over with the scientist cannot be crossed unless you have him with you. Freeform? I donít think so. This game has more rails than AMTRAK!

the Gamers out there really seem to love Chrome, Blowefish must have made a mistake with this review & his conclusion? :rolleyes:

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