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jmke 9th September 2003 00:21

Removing the IHS from the Northwood-D
Liquid3D is on a roll!


I believe the method described in this howto, may be the safest (albeit time consuming) for removing the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader), from your P4.

Great background info and, man, I like his writing style =)

FreeStyler 9th September 2003 00:47

If you can get some of them foamy pads AMD uses, they sure help. The core is not as brittle as AMD, but it's not invincible.

some1x 9th September 2003 04:50

I removed the IHS accidentally :-0.

What happened is that the Arctic Ceramique caused the heatsink (SLK800U) to stick to the IHS. When I removed the heatsink, the IHS simply came off with the heatsink.

The biggest concern I have is that the IHS added thickness to the CPU; and the heatsinks are designed with that thickness in mind. So now, the heatsink applies much less pressure to the core. (I wish I knew the spring constant for the SLK800U's springs, then it'd be possible to calculate the difference in pressure).

TeuS 9th September 2003 07:58

some guy removed the IHS, lapped everything well and placed the IHS back (with some good thermal paste offcourse).

without the IHS the CPU ran 1 colder, but when he placed the IHS back his temps decreased 5. quite impressive :)

Unregistered 9th September 2003 10:28

What'd you use to remove the epoxy or whatever it was holding the IHS on?

Unregistered 9th September 2003 14:37

pure 100% alcohol

jmke 9th September 2003 19:52

an Alternative method using a knife:


As for results, I've been running my machine now with my IHS-less processor for over three hours straight now, all the while running Prime95. My processor is currently sitting a full 2c cooler than before I removed its IHS

Unregistered 9th September 2003 19:54

This sure is awesome. I have been sitting around for a year learning from others here and there. I have a 2266 B0 stepping and it goes 3060 with air. I am within weeks going to watercool this one and I think I wanna remove my IHS aswell.

I have a friend @ who can make me a special head. However I need to know how thick this heatspreader is, anyone?

Kind regards Martin

biCker 9th September 2003 21:35

This should also work for a 2.26 533fsb, right??

jmke 9th September 2003 21:48

Yap, without problems, but start by just lapping the IHS, Liquid3D had already some good results by only doing that!


Prooof is in the sanding. Yesterday in the same Ambient temp (my air conditoned room) my overclocking temp was 45C to 49C at 3.6GHz (300FSB) today same ambeint temp, and OC conditions, and the temp's are now 38C, and haven't gone above 39C. That's 6C to 11C temp drop!

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