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jmke 25th July 2004 21:49

QuietPC AcoustiCase 6607B
The AcoustiCase from QuietPC is aimed at those looking to silence their system. Acoustic materials inside the case reduce noise from vibration, hard drives and high pitched fans. Does the 6607 deliver? Read on to find out.

Sidney 26th July 2004 19:47

I wonder who makes this case; I know QuietPC is a reseller and they don't produce/make the products.;)

jmke 26th July 2004 20:09

take a look at the 2nd page, first link :)

Antec look-a-like inside

Sidney 26th July 2004 20:49

Yes, I found the Antec "Solutions" Series very similar; 120mm intake and exhaust, etc. The only difference is the HDD mount configuration "side way versus horizontal to the case length".

The side way mounting is not very good in airflow from front to back in comparison. But, the pricing is very good with Antec Solutions Series.

wutske 26th July 2004 20:58

Nice review m8 :super: .
But; second page: ...although the motherboard is not removable...
and the link to the forum thread doesn't work.

jmke 26th July 2004 21:15

thanks, fixed the motherboard thingie & the forum link :)

@ Lazyman: You also buy the Acoustic Material seperatly if you already have a compatible case, to see which cases can be fit with the material please check:

IKilledMyAGOIA 2nd August 2004 11:17

I still like my sonata better

jmke 2nd August 2004 11:31

I think you need to compare :)
welcome back btw :hello:

IKilledMyAGOIA 2nd August 2004 11:53

ty, so far, i'm still working my back out during the week about hour + 1/2 north of here but trying to come home as much as i can to rest/ recover, and hopefully, soon get some work done

how would we compare?

jmke 2nd August 2004 11:58


Originally posted by IKilledMyAGOIA
how would we compare?
you fly over? ;)

j/k, just saying that I think it's hard to pass judgement on a case one hasn't tested; I don't have any experience with the Sonata, but maybe I can talk to Antec about this :)

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