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jmke 7th August 2002 17:10

QuadWay CaseReview by BlackRabbit
BlackRabbit bunnyhups with 4 good looking cases. His wise words on each one can be read in the fine review. Using his trusty XP system in each case, he checks for the good and the evil in every victim! Check it out.

Link/Click/Presse hiero

Gamer 7th August 2002 17:37

nice review BR :)

jakkerd 7th August 2002 17:59

wery nice rev ma man :D

biCker 7th August 2002 18:33

review activity is on a very high level here, nice going dude

jmke 7th August 2002 18:41

ain't seen nothing yet :)

TeuS 7th August 2002 20:52

good review, but some remarks
-there are no prices of all cases
-he compares cpu and casetemps... that's all right, but don't compare apples with pears: different brand of fans, different amounts of fans, different places of fans.... and as he considers ppl most often change those fans: a reason more to test the cases with the same fans and if possible with the same amount. and how about the sound level/airflow of _all_ fans (?
-ratings of a) look b)price/quality c) temps (apples and pears...) d) all around

jmke 7th August 2002 21:23

I hope he reads your remarks :-)
cause you have alot of valid points there

prices of the cases can be found @ Comtech site
those are the most up to date :)

TeuS 7th August 2002 21:27

Voor dringende garantieproblemen, gelieve te mailen naar:

Wij verontschuldigen ons voor dit ongemak.

Weldra terug open

jmke 7th August 2002 21:34

as mentioned in the article

the .be -> other store :rolleyes:

TeuS 7th August 2002 21:43


Originally posted by jmke

as mentioned in the article

the .be -> other store :rolleyes:

where??? i'm not good at searching...

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