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jmke 13th April 2004 12:43

Primecooler PC-HDB SuperSilent passive HDD Cooler
Piotke adds some extra HDD cooling to his rig.


RRRrrrzzssttttrrrrcccrrrr, that´s the beginning of the end. Hard disk failure. Then you go check the temperature of your hard disk... Arf ! This could have been avoided. Today madshrimps is testing a Hard disk cooling solution, which might extend the life span of your disks

wutske 13th April 2004 13:01

small mistakes : And remoced... (fan grill)
he 80 mm fan had about 1000 rpm @5v and was very silent. Compared to “no cooling” solution if provided a noticeable temperature decrease. (it I suppose)

For the rest, nice review :super:

jmke 13th April 2004 13:13

fixed! thank you:)

Sidney 13th April 2004 17:43

Thanks piotke. Good recommendation in keeping in mind HDD temperature.

Caught a typo on 2nd page
"This is basicly..."

jmke 13th April 2004 18:27

fixed ::)

piotke 13th April 2004 18:28

yeah !

Engrish rox !

jmke 13th April 2004 18:50

had to redo most phrases =-)

Unregistered 13th April 2004 23:39

English is my second languge, and I don't mind when others correct my mistakes. I hope you agree with me.

But, you can't stop me from writing .... hehehe

TeuS 14th April 2004 00:04

Piotke, take the heasink of the HDD and cool the HDD only with the fans from the Primecooler.

without the fans the product is literally a waste of money (it doesn't do anything!) :/

jmke 14th April 2004 09:22

re-read the results page. then come back.

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