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jmke 8th June 2004 23:04

PrimeCooler Hypercool HC I+ / HC II+ - 3in1 HSF Review

Today we have 2 coolers from an upstart company called Primecooler in our labs which show a remarkable resemblance to the Zalman heatsinks. We set out to see how they perform, read on to find out if these Zalman look-a-likes are also perform-a-likes

Sidney 9th June 2004 00:02

Despite lower performance than Zalman, it is better than many. What is the dfference in total height (Zalman versus HC)?

jmke 9th June 2004 00:10

from specs sheets:

L: 102mm
W: 102mm
H: 69mm

L: 109mm
W: 109mm
H: 62mm

I think the Hypercool data is without the fan...

FreeStyler 9th June 2004 09:19


Hypercool’s base on the left is a lot smaller then the Zalman’s; where Zalman uses a separate piece of copper to form the base, we actually have a base formed of squeezed fins on the Hypercool:
Big mistake there, the zalman features the same kind of layered fins of copper. They do not use thermal interface, and put a LOT more pressure of them. This along with an exellent polishing job makes the centre look like one piece.

They have been using this methond a long time by now. (in fact, I think ALL their CPU coolers use this method)

jmke 9th June 2004 10:03

thank you, I stand corrected, the base looks really smooth on the Zalman, not showing any sign of the seperate fins.

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