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jmke 9th May 2004 23:34

Prescott effects on motherboard power circuits
With the help of Abit's µGuru you can see some pretty high PWM temps when running Prescott CPU's, Liquid3D tries to find out if there is anything which can be done ->


The Prescott had finally arrived, and knowing the risks I would be taking even after learning of the chip´s defeatist architecture, I went ahead and purchased the world´s first CPU built upon a 90nm process, and compatible (at least initially) with Socket-478. I´m no martyr, however; I´ve done this for you the reader. Knowing Anandtech had tested Prescott up against Northwood, and Northwood bested the 90nm chip in most benchmarks at default speeds, was ancillary to why. This question had to be answered, and furthermore was Prescott salvageable?

Sidney 10th May 2004 00:10

From my own Prescott experience, OCing with Water Cooling Prescott would only compound the PWM circuit heat issue. The CPU fan adds cooling to the PWM circuit; looking at the Prescott Retail Pack heatsink design confirms my believe.

My current 2.8E @1.50V and 3.5 Ghz in 100% air cooling has been running since 2/10/04 with acceptable temp.

I've tried using IS7 and two IC7 boards; all three board could not do much OCing. My last try was to use the Asus P4P800 with which the board power circuitry was able to handle the load. It is not that the Asus is the best, it is better than Abit in this case.

PWM lowers production cost but generates more heat from frequent gate operations (open and shut). Board makers do not make enough margin to buy tight tolorance components is another factor; particularly in recent years with "short" live cycle of any given product.

S478 Prescott is a done deal; no one will make further investment to make another mistake to correct a mistake, not even Intel.

Overclockers and Reviewers have been very lucky in recent years to have seen such a drastic and frequent change. While we are demanding for more, we must also look into the total economic picture. A company must remain profitable and must make the decision whether to satifisfy all the people all the time; or some of the people all the time; or some of the people some of the time.

MSI has made the decision.

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