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jmke 31st March 2004 21:16

PCPower&Cooling TurboCool 510 Deluxe


PCPower&Cooling have been producing what are widely considered to be, the best PSU´s on the market today. Since the company´s inception, they´ve raised an industry-wide bar on manufacturing standards for Switching Power Supplies. Theirs have been, and remain, the standard by which all others are measured

Sidney 1st April 2004 07:11

My Prescott 2.8E @ 3.4 GHz 450 Watts PSU drops the 12 V rail down to 11.5; at 3.5Ghz 11.3. Any higher, Prime95 fails. Time for a new PSU. I got the temp down to pretty acceptable level with 100% air cooling (below 56C). When the 12V rail drops below 11.5 the vcore would drop from 1.42 to 1.31.
The adjustable pots are great additions.

DUR0N 1st April 2004 09:22

if you have the money, or are looking for a great long-term upgrade this PSU might be a good choise.
It's just the best i've ever seen :)

quarantaine 1st April 2004 09:54

where can you buy this PSU(preferably in europe)? this looks like the dream psu of every oc'er

Fugly 1st April 2004 18:20

Hi, to the reviewer. I noticed there were no sound measurements taken. Is it safe to say this PS is real loud???

I have a PCP&C TurboCool 350 that howls like a banshee...

The company is from Carlsbad and they sell direct.


CrystalBay 1st April 2004 18:30

Carlsbad, Ca. 189.00 us Dollars

jmke 1st April 2004 18:39

thats ~€150

if only we can find a reseller in Europe:)

Unregistered 1st April 2004 23:15

You shoudl double check those rails on another source. My uGuru utility reported higher rails than MBM on my other computer.

kristos 1st April 2004 23:26

Am I missing something or is there no difference in the specs for the "regular" version and the deluxe version?

And they're both US spec :) although I'd find it higly unlikely that they wouldn't have EU models too :)

Unregistered 4th April 2004 23:25

How much noise does that singl fan make?

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