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PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Power Supply Review PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Power Supply Review
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PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Power Supply Review
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Old 7th December 2006, 14:08   #21
I Count My Cards
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Default OK... heres the low down...

I will be purchasing my parts from Newegg.
I have a budget of $2,000
I've decided to go with a Conroe E6600
I want a 680i chipset Mobo... I have been heavily weighing my decision on the ASUS P5N32-E Sli Mobo and EVGA 680i Mobo... the EVGA Mobo seems to have a lot of problems with it however, Mouse and Keyboard problems, sound issues for onboard audio, etc. I have always been more of a fan with ASUS anyhow. Although the memory seems to be a problem with that board now (ASUS)... I checked out the QVL sheet and it says the Corsair XMS2 800DDR2 modules dont support FULL dual channel on all 4 dimms which is unfortunate... I have been considering the 2 gig set however. Also if its SLI mem I was wondering if the RAM needs to be 1.8v to get a post, Unless if it can set itself up to post then I manually change voltage settings. I say this becuz that ASUS board apparantly needs a 1.8v stick to post, and I REALLY dont have the cash to buy a 1.8v stick just to post it. So a suggestion of a ram module with SLI for that board would be nice... but i would like to keep my options open for further Dual channel upgrade. Also I just orderd WIN XP Pro (32-bit) edition. Will this be a problem with the ASUS board? As for the Power supply issue... I would prefer a modular one, and sound isnt to important but if i could get a quieter one... that would be nice too. As for the case Im using... LIAN LI PC-60APLUSII W which has 4 case fans... so Im sure it will get kinda loud. Any suggestions for my Rig will be greatly appreciated, as I may have stated earlier this is my second build... and with the newer advance in technologies... I find myself VERY overwhelmed This isnt like what it used to be... The PC im using now is P III Tualatin Core OC'd to 1.4 Ghz With ASUS Mobo 1 gig of RAM. LOL and a 4x AGP Radeon 8xxx series. IM DUE for an UPGRADE.LOL.

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Old 7th December 2006, 14:12   #22
I Count My Cards
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I have been looking at that Seasonic M12 Modular PSU... I really like it... AND its modular,... max amps are 48.... So this should be good right? I read somewhere on the page that 5.5a are needed at each rail for high end Video cards. Only thing that is messing with me is Multiple 12v Rails, How do these work?...Will there be enuf amperes for my second 7950 Gt card?, Or would 550 or 500 watt PSU be good... Sorry for babbeling, so many questions.... so over whelmed... I feel like im having an anxiety attack LOL

here are some other PSU's I have been looking at:
Thermaltake W0106RU Complies with ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V version 700W <---- this is another one Im seriously considering
ENERMAX Liberty ELT620AWT ATX12V 620W Power Supply <---not sure if this is continuous or Peak wattage... max amps @ 36 it also only has 2 12v rails
Cooler Master iGreen Power 600W Continuous - RS-600-ASAA <--- This ones max amps are 38... I think... I took its max wattage (not Peak) of combined 12v rails and divided by 12. 456/12=38
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 EPS12V EPS12V 610W <--- this one isnt modular but it is a single rail
CORSAIR HX520w ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 520W
Thermaltake W0057RU-01 PurePower TWV ATX 12V 2.0 500W
SeaSonic M12 SS-500HM ATX12V/ EPS12V 500W
Thermaltake Toughpower W0128RU ATX12V/ EPS12V 650W

any suggestions? these all are more in my price range, As stated earlier, I will still be using the same parts, just with the differences of MoBo and CPU.

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Old 8th December 2006, 14:03   #23
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Two 7950GTs would peak around 120W, 80W would be enough for considerably overclocked E6600 so 250W would be quite realistic upper limit for maximum peak (non continuous) power consumption.

That Enermax and Coolermaster have weak 12V output for total rating, and in case of Coolermaster there's way too many virtual rails with low current limits.
Efficiency of that Silverstone ain't good (more heat)
And I've never been impressed by Thermaltake's PSUs, first of all their specs are often vague considering total 12V output, their modular 750W model don't live up to its rating, that 500W model is relatively weak in 12V (~31.7A) and they use more restrictive fan grills. (holes/gaps stamped to steel case)

None of new Seasonic M12 and S12E+ models cares about this nuisance of virtual rail mania and those are mentioned in sticker just for PR and because originally design would have included them so it doesn't matter what is connected to what cable. (same applies to Corsair PSUs which are made by Seasonic, also PC P&C Silencer EPS12Vs use Seasonic's design)

Seasonic's design can give nearly all power from 12V, 38A/456W for 500W model (48A/576W and 56A/672W for bigger models) so those are very good for todays PCs.
Those PC P&Cs use 80mm fans which are bound to be more noisy/keep higher pitched noise which is more annoying, Corsairs use cooling similar to Seasonic's S12/S12E+ serie so at high loads M12s might make very slightly more sound because of secondary 60mm fan but that slow speed 60mm fan is there for cooling hot spot left by "big bottom fan" cooling design and would very propably never start at loads caused by your PC.

Also I would keep quality of top end Seasonics quite equal to those made by server PSU makers which are so glorified by some. I wonder could even all server PSUs work so well under these temperatures:

Considering small size of case I would keep modular cables as quite much must have feature.

Originally Posted by I Count My Cards View Post
I say this becuz that ASUS board apparantly needs a 1.8v stick to post, and I REALLY dont have the cash to buy a 1.8v stick just to post it.
One trick for that is to install only one module, boot to BIOS and increase voltage to that specified for modules in question, shut down and install second module (and set latencies) only after that.
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Old 8th December 2006, 15:55   #24
I Count My Cards
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Default Ok...

So do you think if I went with Seasonics M12 600watt I would be good? It does have 4 12v rails however, but at that price it is something I can really afford. I hope those 12v virtual rails wont be an issue. Im also planning on doing water cooling later on, with 2 HDD sata (1 HDD will have IDE to SATA adapter) about 5-6 case fan, 2 dvd burner, floppy diskette drive, 1 PCI card, and about 3 - 4 USB connections with a FIREWIRE I probly wont use but may. What do you think? Another thing I noticed was the 4 pin floppy power connector... it looks a little short... will that even reach the end of my case??? Although they DO look like extension clips on the one end so Im guessing the clip onto a 4 pin regular molex correct? I guess there is some kinda problem with the 32-bit version of WINDOWS XP PRO, something to do with the memory allocation it reserves it for something other than higher supported memory at 3 Gigs. All in all... I really want to thank you for taking the time to help me build my computer. I only have about 2-3 months left before I start buying everything, and it seems like the more research I do on PSU's the MORE confused I get. that 12v rail thing is really messing with me too. What Im concerned with is im hoping the instructions included with those kind of PSU's tell you which rail goes where and what should be hooked up to them. I know this may sound silly... but im just really concerned with getting everything right. Kinda makes me mad I bought the OEM version of WIN xp Pro 32-bit version at Newegg, no return policy for OEM products, now Im stuck with a max 3 gigs of mem. But I have heard that windows VISTA can fix this... So I could be alright there.

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Old 8th December 2006, 19:37   #25
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Originally Posted by I Count My Cards View Post
So do you think if I went with Seasonics M12 600watt I would be good?
That's enough for powering two PCs with those components.

Seasonic doesn't have virtual rails, for some reasons those have been left to label. (maybe for PR because so many glorify that nuisance)
I asked Seasonic about this "descrepency" and it was stated that the "deception" is really quite innocent. Apparently the initial design was for quad rails, and if rails did need to be split up into three or four rails, it would be easy to implement without completely redesigning the platform. Multiple rails can be split up with a separate OCP circuit board, typically screwed to the top of a heatsink.
What Seasonic tells me is that there was an issue with high end video cards overloading a single 12V rail. So with Intel's blessing, Seasonic removed the OCP.

Floppy connector is adapter cable which can be connected to any free Molex, if put to last connector of Molex cable total length is near one meter.
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Old 8th December 2006, 20:02   #26
I Count My Cards
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OH apparantly you answered my post right before I edited it... does this thread tell you when posts are edited? LOL. God im a anyways, just to make sure I understand... this PSU is gonna be just what the doctor ordered then? and water cooling in the future will be ok? Thanks again man... you have really helped me. And I feel a lot more comfortable now about the whole PSU thing.... One last thing the memory voltage thing for getting my post,... you really think that might work? If im understanding that article correctly those OCZ sticks required a HIGHER voltage to start, maybe im messed up here but isnt 1.8v a lower memory voltage? or did i miss the whole concept of what I was just told?

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Old 8th December 2006, 20:17   #27
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concering the voltage, the memory companies are once again increasing voltage to increase speed, thus needing more than 1.8v to get them to run properly; we need DDR3 to go back down in voltage again
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Old 8th December 2006, 20:51   #28
I Count My Cards
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Default Ok cool...

WOW this is awesome, makes me feel a lot better when I know whats going on, I hate to guess at stuff and you make it A LOT easier for me to understand this stuff. Thanks SO MUCH for your support. Again, This has been a really FUN learning experience for me. I really love computers and this is definately I forum/site I will be coming to often... My questions are always answered promptly and with a lot of information. This in itself speaks of high quality representation on your behalf. And I would HAVE to say IM QUITE pleased. Thank you for you support and undertanding. It has been a pleasure.

-Thank You
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Old 9th December 2006, 02:36   #29
I Count My Cards
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Default Oh... just out of curiosity

Gee, you know... I was thinking, just for kicks and giggles, and if it is in your guys' power, Maybe you guys could do a review on a P5N32-E SLI MoBo. LOL
Just a suggestion, but it would be cool, HEH.
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Old 9th December 2006, 04:09   #30
I Count My Cards
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Default OK... I know this is getting out of hand...

I JUST CANT HELP IT!!!!! I know it... Im crazy I GO ON AND ON AND ON... but anywayz heres the scoop, Now while i know that seasonic M12 600 watt is a decent PSU... now Im considering the Corsair 620watt. Mainly because of its looks and modular cabling, much nicer. But two things that concern me are... on jonnyguru's review he found that the +5v rail dropped like .16v or maybe it was .18v thats pretty high isnt it? but he said that most PC's dont need more than 20a at full load. BUT... doesnt the +5v rail power cpu and MoBo??? is this a big concern? Also I've heard of some PSU's causing noise from the video card. What is the cause of that? And is this a concern? What struck me odd is that under one of neweggs customer reviews that Skenzer wrote states this. I mean he is using the same card as I am... but I was just curious.

Your probably thinking.... WHEN DOES THIS GUY SHUT UP!!!!
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