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thorgal 7th February 2009 12:08

Patriot PVT36G1600ELK : first look doesn't tell everything (or does it ?)
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Next up is the the triple channel pack from Patriot.

Patriot sent us a kit from their "Viper" series. Because of their size they're packaged in two blisters, put together in a cardboard box.

One thing you can say is they do look "potent". They're obviously directed at people that like the remarkable look, and as such they promise decent performance. At first glance the specifications look disappointing then :

A cas 9 kit in such a package seems a little misplaced, as they are cas 8 and cas 7 kits out there with much more common looks. However, the title still stands : in this case the first look at the specs are misleading, as the modules outperform their specifications easily.

Cas 7 : 7-7-7-20-1T @ 745Mhz
Attachment 2392

Cas 8 : 8-8-8-24-1T @ 830Mhz
Attachment 2393

Cas 9 : 9-9-9-24-1T @ 906Mhz
Attachment 2394

Impressive results for a kit marketed with a "Cas9" sticker. Its overclocking headroom is nearly identical as that of the Geil kit, and as such the Patriot presents good value. More pics and results in our review of course.

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