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jmke 12th May 2003 19:01

P4 2.4B-2.4C with 865PE-875P vs AXP 2500+ with nForce2


With the newly released Springdale (865PE) and Canterwood (875P) motherboards and 800FSB P4's, intel has taken a huge leap in both stock speed and overclockability. Will this crush the competition - the very affordable nForce2 + Barton combo - or are PAT, Hyperthreading, integrated S-ATA, and Gigabit lan just buzz words?

19 incredible pages made by a very Hardware Dedicated members over at XS

:ws: Zroc :ws:

RichBa5tard 12th May 2003 19:12

A must read!

Gamer 12th May 2003 20:32

best in years.

jmke 12th May 2003 20:35

I like your avater mr. G :)

jakkerd 12th May 2003 21:17

i've already read the original thread
this is one hell of an article

Unregistered 13th May 2003 21:10

I think graphs shouldn't be drawn that way. This is not stock market - it matters how muct percent the stock have gone up/down, but it matters the absolute number. In your graph one can get the image that AMD is lot slover than Intel (because you set the scale from let's say from 1000 to 1200), The scale should be from 0 to 1200. Now you can see that there is no much difference in let's say 1020 and 1100 - especialy if you conider the price.

jmke 13th May 2003 21:18

if you read the text on each test that small difference is explained , check also the pages where there is a % difference

drawing all graphs from 0 -> MAX is boring, as you would just see all bars +/- even.
next to each graph the scale is very viewable and you can where it starts at, this way , if you don't want to plunch into the numbers, you can see what Setup performed the best :)

we are not trying to make AMD or Intel look bad, as I don't see ANY reason to do so, this review is done by someone who OWNS this hardware & tested it out, nothing more , nothing less :)

thanks for your input though :)
If you look around to the others graphs in our other articles @ M you can see we use 99% of the time the scale starting from 0 to ...

but in this case we are talking about motherboard chipset differences, these are not in the 1000, but rather range, so for making it clear in the graphs it was the best option to go with the adapted scale

Unregistered 29th May 2003 18:01

ok... here I am. Nubie to the computer world looking to build a computer. Soooo... I surf extensively for info and check pricewatch. I notice 2 asus boards (p4p800 & p4c800). I search the web for comparisons between the two and find yours. HOLY CRAP WHAT A LOT OF INFO!!! I loved it! Didn't understand 50% but loved it just the same! Now I'm hyped up on the p4p800 and am going to pair it with the 2.8 800fsb P4. I'm throwing in 2x 512/3200 DDR and am wondering which video card to buy. Could you point me in the right direction... maybe even offer a link to a comparisson that would help? I'm leaning towards the all-in-one but know NOTHING about how GForce rates against Radeon. Help

Unregistered 5th November 2003 14:56

Newbie? Lots of info hear. Couldnt make understand much of it. My ? I have a new Shuttle w/ 800FSB. A friend gave me a 2.4b for free. Should I use this 2.4b or purchase a "C" to full advantage of 800fsb. Thanks

Shuttle SB61G2/Cosair XMS 3200 2X512/WD 120GB S-ATA/ATI 9800

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