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jmke 2nd June 2004 22:47

Overclocking the P4 Prescott
Gamer takes his latest P4 3.0E Prescott for a spin, searching the magical 4ghz, air cooled. Is it obtainable? Read on to find out:

Unregistered 3rd June 2004 13:39

what kind of memmory did you use?

piotke 3rd June 2004 13:44


Originally posted by Unregistered
what kind of memmory did you use?

--> I picked up a 2nd hand Abit IC7 Max, new/old GF4 Ti4200 and used my trusty OCZ PC4200 which ran perfectly at 275+Mhz on my Asus P4C800-E Deluxe.

Unregistered 3rd June 2004 13:57

what bios did you run it on ?

Gamer 3rd June 2004 16:50

BIOS compile date: 10/30/2003

didn't flash it, because it worked without a problem out of the box.

wutske 3rd June 2004 17:42

What temps did u get with air cooling ?

Gamer 3rd June 2004 17:44

to hot to handle :)

about 75 in bios with 1.65 vcore.

wutske 3rd June 2004 19:15

And load @ 3.9GHz ? 80c 90c :o

Liquid3D 6th June 2004 14:59

Really nice overclock, I knew these chips had it in them. Your PWM temps don't seem too bad either. How high did they get when running 3D applications?

eva2000 6th June 2004 15:08

woah hot and roasty :)

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