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jmke 8th October 2004 17:12

OCZ Gold PC3700 Rev 3 and OCZ EL PC3200 Platinum Rev 2
JNav89GT and Liquid3D take OCZ's latest memory for a spin on Intel & AMD's high performance platforms;

Not too long ago, the outlook on performance ram modules was looking a bit bleak. Now with the addition of some newer revisions of ram chips being implemented by OCZ and hopefully other companies as well, we are realizing the performance we once had and then some.

eva2000 9th October 2004 04:43

very nice comparison :)

JNav89GT 11th October 2004 20:30

thanks eva2000 :)

agent #2 23rd October 2004 11:21


Just about the time Winbond BH-5 began drying up, Samsung and a few other IC makers began producing high speed memory, which was SPD malleable. What does this mean? Well basically if you take Corsair's 3200XLPRO or OCZ's Platinum EL3200, both will run at 2-2-2-5 at 200MHz. Then simply leave the Advanced Chipset (memory) under the Auto or SPD (Serial Presence Detect) command and raise the FSB to 250Mhz. The memory will self adjust from 2-2-2-5 to 2-4-4-8.
If I put the timmings on auto they're 2,5-2-2-5 on standard(?) 2,60 V. I have to set them manual and then they do 2-2-2-5.

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