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jmke 17th January 2004 10:40

OCZ EL DDR PC-4200 Dual Channel
Liquid3D gets around to testing another great kit of high-speed memory:


Has this kit the potential to provide tight timings at lower FSB? While also providing head-room for the continuous rise in memory speeds? Find out in this review

Unregistered 17th January 2004 19:30

Nice review, but I am a little confused by the legend on page four. Starting at the top with the UT2003 you show 280fsb, 1:1 divider ratio and the 2.5-4-4-8 memory settings. And a little lower down you show 230fsb, 5:4 divider ratio and 2-3-3-6 memory settings.

I think you have the divider sections reversed. 280 at 1:1 ??? Sign me up ! :)

Unregistered 17th January 2004 20:23

"Irregardless"? Too many people are using this "word" - try using either of the real words that apply, i.e. "irrespective", or "regardless"!

Also, maybe check up on your usage of the word "albeit".

Your friend in grammar and spelling.... :-)

Unregistered 21st January 2004 18:33

what is the max stable speed possible running the mem at 2.75V?
i ask this as its the max vdimm on my IS7. thanks.

Gamer 21st January 2004 19:34

I have the same ram, and it work without a problem @ 270 fsb on 2.75v.
my timings are 2,5-3-4-6 @ 277 fsb :)

Unregistered 23rd January 2004 12:57

can you bench with a p4c 2.4ghz at 333mhz fsb...(12x333=4000mhz) and that memory at 266mhz that would be 5:4 ratio.
then if its stable go up to 350mhz fsb cpu and 280 fsb memory wich you say its the limit. still 5:4 ratio

The Senile Doctor 23rd January 2004 14:15

we don't have a 2.4 doing 4.0 currently

jmke 23rd January 2004 14:18

I don't even have one that does 3.3ghz :p

Unregistered 30th January 2004 15:49

check out for 2.4C's that do 4ghz

jmke 30th January 2004 16:12

not on Aircooling :)

L321A637 4020 1.65 SL6WF Malaysia 24 IC7-Max3 prometia 12184
L311A875 3900 1.65 SL6WF Malaysia 11 Abit Ic7-G Prometeia mach 1 11645
3317A213 3837 1.77 SL6WF CostaRica 17 Abit IS-7 Prometeia 11630

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