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jmke 27th December 2003 21:19

OCZ EL DDR PC-3700 (466mhz) Gold Edition Dual Channel Revision 2


The OCZ EL DDR PC-3700 (466mhz) Gold Edition Dual Channel Revision 2 memory kit is aimed at the hardware enthusiast out there who seeks to increase his memory bandwidth, is this memory able to give your P4 setup a boost? Find out in this review.

Unregistered 5th January 2004 19:20

Hi, i noticed in a review by anandtech that the OCZ gold pc3700 revision 2 dimms are single-sided, whereas the original were double sided. i also noticed the revision 2 were much cheaper than the original. So, what is the difference between the single sided revision 2 dimms and the original OCZ gold? is there a performance difference?

jmke 5th January 2004 19:23

the original ones were rated at tighter timings, so possible using more expensive memory chips!

Unregistered 5th January 2004 20:14

so do those timing differences result in a performance hit? or is the revision 2 just like the original ones?

jmke 5th January 2004 20:20

the rev2 uses other memory chips which don't yield overclock results as the older did. they had to make a 2nd revision because the supply for the chip used in the first batch were no longer available, or available in lesser extend, that translates into a higher price. as you have already noticed.

Unregistered 18th March 2004 02:34

Ok, I found this thread through google (adn the review), could you point me in the direction of a good tutorial on using PC-3700 because im thinking about buying them because i here that they are pretty good and i wanna overclock my system.

jmke 18th March 2004 07:24

check out howto section on the main site, we have a pretty popular overclocking guide there :)

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