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jmke 15th March 2003 00:32

Nforce2 pushed to the Max: NF7 rev 1.2 vs Epox 8r(g/d)a+


Stock speeds are no option when you buy an Abit NF7-S rev 1.2 or Epox 8r(g/d)a+. Which one can obtain the highest FSB? How do they compare at extreme high speeds? Which one of these three do you have to buy to be king of the hill?

:ws: @ Richy

great article, very insightfull!

jakkerd 15th March 2003 03:09

most excellent
very impressive!

fub4r 15th March 2003 03:38

:o luv this article, very neat work

The Senile Doctor 15th March 2003 06:59

nice one!!
an article that is so purely OC minded is a mental orgasm :)

quarantaine 15th March 2003 09:18

well done!!

RichBa5tard 27th March 2003 11:30

go for 1.2, otherwise vcore limited to 1.85v

-S => + serial ata if i'm not mistaken

cR00zIFI><3r 28th March 2003 21:23

damn, looks like I bought the wrong mobo (8RDA+)

RichBa5tard 28th March 2003 21:56

8RDA+ is a great mobo nonetheless. :)

jmke 31st March 2003 15:44

Epox 8RDA3+ .. April Fool's or for real ?

Spider 12th April 2003 00:21

hm my asus a7n8x can go to vdd 1.8 without a voltmod is that normal???

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