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jmke 7th November 2004 19:55

Need for Speed Underground 2 - Drag and Tuning event
Right before the launch of EA's newest racing title they organized a tuning and drag event at the racing circuit of Zolder here in Belgium. René from EA games got us some backstage passes and of we went to discover the “real” underground racing world.

EA had a completely tuned Mazda RX-8 at their tent with a playstation rigged in the trunk to show off Need For Speed Underground 2. A bunch of consoles were also placed near the car and these were occupied all of the time! Car customization in-game goes way beyond that of the 1st game, speaker setup in the trunk, bouncing suspension, colored exhaust when using nitro, etc. But in the end it is the driving experience which will decide whether NFSU2 succeeds, in this department it certainly does not disappoint, the playable demo which is out now gives you a fair taste of the physics engine and awesome graphics, especially on the PC, the PS2 just pales in comparison.

A lot of cars were parked around the circuit, many featuring too much plastic and playing loud (and sucky) music , so we decided to stay away from this part of the event and focused on the Drag race, which proved to be much more interesting :grin:

A wide variety of cars were put on the strip, Subaru Imprezas and Nissan Skylines stole the show with excellent times and aggressive, not overdone, looks.

So let’s get started with a few atmospheric photos.

jmke 7th November 2004 19:56

NISSAN Skyline GTR ready for action, a close up:

jmke 7th November 2004 19:56

Let's step inside:

jmke 7th November 2004 19:57

Good to go :super:

jmke 7th November 2004 19:58

A more modest car when it comes down to looks and speed, but don't go calling it "slow" now ;)

jmke 7th November 2004 19:58

One member of the Prodigy was present also ;p

jmke 7th November 2004 19:59

Of we go, Subaru Impreza with an impressive lead over the less powerful Opel Corsa

jmke 7th November 2004 19:59

NFSU2 RX-8 vs Burnout car..

jmke 7th November 2004 20:01

One of the fastest cars on the Strip, unfortunately it made too much noise and they could no longer drive it, too bad because it was driving top times, came in second on the Nissan GTR's.

and it was a... yes.. an extremly tuned Opel Corsa :D

jmke 7th November 2004 20:01

The usual crop of VW Golfs were present also, but they were overshadowed by the superior Japanese cars

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