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jmke 6th September 2003 16:27

Nanotherm - Beat the Heat
Liquid3D has written an indepth view at the current "Thermal Paste" - market and compares Nanotherm's products to those of Artic in this fine article.


HEAT = DEATH. The number one cause of performance degradation and product failure is poor heat dissipation. ESG Assoc. or Nanotherm has but one goal, to engineer the most effective thermal transfer products available.

In this review we will show you the difference between Artic Silver 3, Artic Alumina, Nanotherm Blue, Nanotherm Silver XTC, and finally Nanotherm PCM+.

[Bonbon] 6th September 2003 18:04

Where can i get the "nanotherm pcb+" ? & @ what price ?

TeuS 6th September 2003 18:05

[Bonbon] 6th September 2003 18:11

I cant find on the site how the shop works.

jmke 6th September 2003 18:13

[Bonbon] 6th September 2003 18:41

dutchmode : ik bedoel kan werkwijze van de winkel niet terug vinden
hoe als partikulier te bestellen / kosten bestellingen / mogelijkheid afhaling enz

jmke 6th September 2003 18:52

mail the owner of dz shop :)

[Bonbon] 6th September 2003 18:57

ok i will - but think its very unproffesional of them

TeuS 6th September 2003 19:45

for 15 he comes to your house, but it'll be possible to send the tube to you by regular post

piotke 6th September 2003 20:51

tha's more expensive than sending a package from germany "onder rembours"

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