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Massman 11th December 2009 12:30

Msi N240gt-md512-oc/d5
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Just testing this card. doesn't look that bad, to be honest, 1.1G memory and 650c on stock air.

Will post some pictures of the card later on

Massman 11th December 2009 12:48

in 3D load, the default voltage is set at 0.92V for the GPU and 1.56V for the memory

Massman 11th December 2009 12:52

Load = 0,92V
Idle = 1.05V


jmke 11th December 2009 12:54

vdroop on vGPU?

Massman 11th December 2009 13:00

no, it seems like the voltages are somehow switched: 2D mode = load, 3D mode = idle

Massman 11th December 2009 14:15

Increased Vgpu to 1.25V => 735c is now stable, seems like shaders are crapping out.

jmke 11th December 2009 14:17

How much do you need to make a chance to win prizes? :)

Massman 11th December 2009 14:27

about 1300 probably

Massman 11th December 2009 14:29

Core was crapping out ... shaders are running 2000 now

Massman 11th December 2009 15:47

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I'm having the same slow-downs I had with the GT220. As far as I can tell, there seems to be a throttling issue, but I can't tell what's triggering this. Core frequency it's definitly not as the card locks up, not loses performance ... so it might be shader or memory frequency or a combination of the two. My best guess would be memory frequency as I've seen that increasing the shader frequency makes the 3D images go nuts, nut decrease in performance.

If it's indeed the memory again, I'll need to figure out a way to solve this.

I've attached an 06 run with stable clocks. Forgot to increase BCLK LOL.

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