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jmke 6th June 2006 11:01

MSI K9A Platinum ATI RD580 Motherboard Overclocking
ATI designed their RD580 (Xpress3200) to be compatible with DDR1 and DDR2, this latest offerings from MSI for AMD AM2 puts one of these bad boys on their Platinum series of motherboards. Let's find out how it handles when we overclock it to the limit.

zerotol 6th June 2006 12:02


FireTech 6th June 2006 13:41

Another nice report windwithme. Any clues when these ATI boards will be on retailers shelves?

jmke 6th June 2006 13:46

no online shops carry them atm but they have announced their availability as "soon" :)

Rutar 6th June 2006 15:58

passive chipset cooler, woot

jmke 6th June 2006 16:01

for a silent and cool system the RD580 based boards are certainly the better option (over nforce5) combined with low-power AM2 version of 3500+ it can make a passively cooled yet powerful PC! funny thing is though that you'll have to look to nVidia for a low-power GPU, 7600GT seems to be prime candidate, striking excellent balance between price/performance/heat, passive cooled cards based on 7600GT are available a-plenty, but do these require good airflow to function?

Sidney 7th June 2006 00:37

I'm hoping Windwithme would send in some nice Computex babe pictures :)

PsyBorg 7th July 2006 16:07

Just a quick the review, you stated that 'The Onboard sound could be improved'. What made you say that?

I'm wondering if I should just stick it out till Asus releases their 'M2R32'. I've heard better reviews on Asus boards (and I admit, I am a bit biast due to the fact I got 3 DOA boards from MSI IN A ROW) and I like Asus's style better. I hope it's released soon! All my next build needs is an AM2 Socket board with crossfire.

jmke 7th July 2006 16:26

Compared the HD Audio chips used on nForce5 boards and Intel boards the onboard chip here is of less HD quality

Chipset integrated by RealtekŪ ALC883

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