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jmke 19th August 2003 21:54

Memory Conflicts among three 875/865 motherboards
Silicon or Succotash, Memory Conflicts among three 875/865 motherboards


Claims have been made, Q&C tests performed on initial batches of 875 silicon (NB-MCH) where the NB silicon failed so many criteria, and a budget version had to be released. Intel, in an effort to save thousands of pieces from the dumpster, announced Canterwood's younger brother, Springdale. Has Intel taken sub-par silicon, and made Succotash?

Unregistered 20th August 2003 14:54

WTF you get 3.6 out of a 2.4 and your complaining cause you cant get 3.7?>>??!!!#$% iiiiiddddiiiiooootttt

jmke 20th August 2003 16:37

he's complaining about the fact that the motherboard randomly locks up at certain speeds and memory dividers, you should read the whole editorial :)

this article does not discuss overclocking capabilities of the P4 :)

Unregistered 20th August 2003 19:40

I too am having lots of problems with the 875/865 chipsets and lots of different brands of RAM. I'm finding that RAM is less of an issue and individual motherboards show different results. After having to pay a great deal of money for Corsair and OCZ chips, i decided to get some very cheap Geil chips and been having generally good results. After working with 7 Asus P4P800 motherboards, i have found that each inidivdual motherboard has its own mind, and certain memory chips would work on some and some memory would not work at all. Overclock potential is also all over the place. Since you are only using 3 different model motherboards, i hope you would try and maybe get a hold of a few "identical" boards and see what you find.


Unregistered 20th August 2003 20:22

If I read correctly, the i7205 chipset ("Granite Bay") is said in the article to use RDRAM. This is naturally incorrect, since it is uses DDR SDRAM.

The author may have tested these boards and memory modules properly, but the article is not as well written as it first appears to be. There are a lot of redundant parts in it and I as a non-native English speaker find it often difficult to comprehend. Nonetheless, the issue is probably real and very annoying for those affected by it...

Unregistered 21st August 2003 13:26

I have an Abit IC7 mobo w/ a 2.4C and 2x512 TwinMos PC3200 CH5 memory and I as many others are having issues reaching 250+ FSB.
The things is that this cant just be some HW issue cause I can use tools like softFSB and Clockgen to raise my FSB to 290MHz in windows but as soon as I reboot (soft reboot thru windows) the BIOS craps out and u hear that alarm sound.

There are some good threads about this on the Abit forums as well.


jmke 21st August 2003 13:28

do you have links to these threads?
much appreciated :)

Unregistered 24th August 2003 18:32

Mebbe my memory is cloudy (mental, not PC memory) but I have noticed fewer memory related conflicts in general with 875s than the 865s. It seems that the implementation of 865+PAT, especially when trying to combine it with turbo type enhancement features is a bad idea, as it introduces latency issues that are hidden to the user without the use of some special tools and programs to see, ie CTIAW, CPU-Z et al. But, as others have noticed, the results vary from catastrophic to spectacular and the variables cannot be pinpointed just yet.

With the testing of only 3 MOBOs (and with Abits known bios issues thrown into the mix) I'd be hesitant to conclude too much from this testing. I do believe the author is on to something and needs more MOBOs to test and a more well defined testing methodology. I believe he is correct that the RAM is not at fault.

It may be something as simple as the progression of theoretical JEDEC RAM spex (being applied to DDR433 and higher RAM) resulting in higher latencies conflicting with the SPD+low latency expectations we have all come to know and love. Atleast, I hope it is and that it will be fixable with bios.

For what it's worth, my Corsair runs spectacularly at FSB267/DDR534, error free on Memtest and stable enough for real time DV editing on an Asus P4C800 Deluxe. As for using a "lesser" stick of RAM to post after an OC failure, I have had a couple of bios "lockouts" if you want to use that term. I just remove all power from the unit, take a 5, and it resets fine. AMI, Asus, Intel, God, I don't know why but it works.


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