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jmke 12th September 2002 23:48

Melvine large HDD VU kit
"Tired seeing that boring HDD led flashing on and off? Then the Melvine MC-004 kit is what you need!"

Comments of the article go here

Link to Review

Erwin 13th September 2002 08:25

Nice review, biCker! Thanks!

I have just one comment... We are working very hard on a translation of our manual, and very soon all our kits will be shipped with a Dutch / English manual. You can expect an English translation soon for our website too :)

biCker 13th September 2002 08:47

I updated the article erwin, thanks for the feedback!

TeuS 13th September 2002 09:29

nice review... price of this toy?
made one with normal leds myself for 10€... upgrading it with a fade in/out effect soon

jmke 13th September 2002 09:50


Originally posted by TeuS
nice review... price of this toy?
try READing the review ;p

TeuS 13th September 2002 15:52


Originally posted by jmke

try READing the review ;p

oops...was short in time
27€, quite much

next week i'm gonna build a improved one myself. xpect article (if i've got the time!)

Unregistered 15th December 2003 20:09

euhm, could you post me the scheme you used to build something like that... 'cause I know how to build stuff, but not how to invent stuff u know :)

Btw, greets from Izegem, nie verre van Ieper hé

jmke 15th December 2003 20:48


could you post me the scheme you used to build something like that
this is a ready-made kit, it didn't have a scheme included, try contacting melvine directly :)

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