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jmke 17th August 2002 23:49

Melvine Electronic Switch

Sick of hearing your HO pump 24/7? Afraid to turn it off because you might forget to turn it back on the next time you use your rig? Don"t worry, has got the perfect solution for you: the electronic power switch!

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TerAngreal 17th August 2002 23:56

down to what it's all about -- nothing left to say ...

supejb, my dear !

Unregistered 18th August 2002 00:49

eleet electronix :D

Franky 18th August 2002 01:12

nice work there!

DUR0N 18th August 2002 08:08

well, urm ... you could make this yourself with a simple relais. Wont cost you much and if you're carfully, anyone can do this.

Gamer 18th August 2002 08:53

Nice RB.

what's your next review :)

TeuS 18th August 2002 09:05

good review
fair of you saying it was expensive, the melvine stuff is really much more expensive then anthroplast make's em

eg: 18 melvine<=>+-10 anthro

RichBa5tard 18th August 2002 10:36

Thanks guys. :)

@duron: true, true. I did mention this in the article: "if you know your way around electronics, you can make it yourself...". Good workmanship though. :)

I think makes quality stuff, and their prices will probably drop once they start selling it in larger quantities. :)

@gamer: either the melvine rheobus or the HDD led indicator. I don't know yet. I'm making them on a slow rate though, I've got exams. ETA next article ~ next sunday.

The Senile Doctor 18th August 2002 11:19

euhm, ik zie hier twee posts van persons op mijn ignore list...
ik wist niet dat ik hier een ignore list had...

biCker 18th August 2002 11:27

nice work, and that while studying...

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