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jmke 31st May 2006 22:18

mCubed miniNG 2 Channel Fan Controller
The miniNG is the first fan controller with patented Dual Mode Technology (DMT) which combines analogue Silence with strong PWM power. You can choose per channel, if you want to drive analogue or not. You can also switch with software or with jumper while system is running.

The miniNG with its huge heatsink can power up to 20W per channel with analogue voltage and 50W per channel with PWM. You can configure temperature limits and speed curves with jumpers or with the T-Balancer and its software.

The heart of the miniNG is a powerfull microprocessor with integrated permanent memory. The processor enables a lot of configuration possibilities and the connection to the T-Balancer. All configurations are saved to the memory.

The miniNG works completely autonom and can also be operated without the T-Balancer. But if you own a T-Balancer you can make all configurations with Software and you can create new profiles and save them to the miniNG.

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