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jmke 14th January 2003 20:20

MC-001 - Rheobus action
I was looking for a way to silence this loud 90mm fan Iīve installed in one of my PCīs, The guys over at Melvine (Casemodding Shop) send me this small device and told me this way the solution to my problem. Does it solve my noise problems, or am I forever doomed to listen to the whining of this fan? Letīs find out...

Bosw8er 15th January 2003 08:30

Nice work dude !

Like the fact that you added the temp differences.

:^) Who tests a fan with his finger ? :^)

jmke 15th January 2003 17:41

someone has also has a PC build into a wooden furniture-case, so it is impossible to actually see the fan ;)

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