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jmke 2nd July 2002 22:39

Extreme CDROM Review!

Your remarks here :grr:

Bosw8er 2nd July 2002 23:12

using commonly known testing methods


Gamer 2nd July 2002 23:19

nice one Bosw8er.
going for an Oscar ?

Bosw8er 2nd July 2002 23:28

I would like to thank the members of the Acadamy, my mom, my dad, ...

Bloobers will be for the end of july as i will be on a short holliday to the rainy belgian coast

Anthroplast 3rd July 2002 01:23

superb :)

but you forgot extreme speed testing ^^

Blade 3rd July 2002 08:55

Way to go :D

illusion 3rd July 2002 08:58

hehehe, awesome, looking good calantak :super:

who's dog was that in the vid?

GORGH 3rd July 2002 09:12

nice movie
ugly dudes :D

DUR0N 3rd July 2002 12:13

what about burn-proof ;)

fredperry 3rd July 2002 12:55

:^D :^D :^D

Stigmata 3rd July 2002 15:09

OMG, best hardware related movie EVER !


Bosw8er 3rd July 2002 16:23


Originally posted by Stigmata
OMG, best hardware related movie EVER !


hehe, i'm a little surprised people REALLY like it. It sure was fun 2 make the movie (whilst editing i cried/died several times of laughter) and 2 watch it if you participated ... but i thought/think it wouldn't be an obvious/hilarious movie for "others". And it's the first time we tried ... mucho improvement if we try it again.

Maybe we'll make a sequel by popular demand.

So, maybe "the best hardware related movie EVER" is yet to come :^)

PS : could i have some feedback on the streaming quality of the movie ... a comment on the size / quality, not of the storyline ... thx

TerAngreal 3rd July 2002 16:48

same thoughts about the appreciation we get ... i felt somewhat the same about it: the making of was a helluvah fun time, but never thought it would really be so funny for other people ... but hey, i'm happy with the result -- friggin :super: job Bosw8er !!

... i'm in for a sequel anyday btw :^)

size is not really a matter of interest to us broadband users, so the high-res version does the trick for me

jmke 3rd July 2002 17:14

High Res = :super:

Low Res = :D (very good quality for being only a 20mb download!)

DUR0N 3rd July 2002 18:44

bonjour champs and champettes, i took the first pimpmobile outtha here to post it @

Bosw8er 3rd July 2002 18:54

thx 4 the pimp

at *cough* *cough*

The Senile Doctor 3rd July 2002 19:15

quote [H] : "This is a video review, and rated “M” for adult language. I know what you all might be thinking, but this is not your average CDROM review though. The MadShrimp crew spend some time in the farm ( literally ) running over CDROM’s with a car, hosing them down in a bathtub, and blowing them up, among other things in this entertaining video review. Definitely worth a look."

jmke 3rd July 2002 19:48

a big W000000000000000p

Bosw8er 4th July 2002 22:15

Najbrž ste že vsi kdajpakdaj prebrali kakšen test cederoma ter se enostavno zgražali nad tehničnimi specifikacijami, ki nakazujejo, kako naj bi enota delovala. Nato jo stestirate vi ter ugotovite, da se lahko obrišete za tako idealne rezultate. Kmalu obupate ter potisnete izraze kot so "dostopni čas", "hitrost branja na obodu plošče", "stalna kotna hitrost branja", itn, globoko v podzavest. Pa saj hočete le, da bo cederom poceni, tih, hiter in nekvarljiv! No, iz laične perspektive so se tega lotili na Norih Rakcih, kjer so naredili video test večih CD branikov. Zakaj video? Ker so testi, milo rečeno, kruti [:D]. Klik!

vir: Mad Shrimps | št. komentarjev: 0 | avtor: Sergio

i understand :
-idealne rezultate
-video test
-Mad Shrimps

kms 4th July 2002 22:58

:super: certainly an original way to review :D whos footing the Ge4 test bill :D :super:

jmke 4th July 2002 23:32

glad you like it KMS, from NinjaMicros forum right?
maybe you can post a linkie there, cause when I do it I get flamed for spam :(

kms 4th July 2002 23:42

ex mod at NM due to time constraints & a new direction for the board, now just a mod at LN & PCLincs :) You can post it on the PCLincs forums by all means (we are very nearlly rule free :D), as for other forums try some links in your sig rather than creating a new post. Dunno why but most sites find that aok but thread pimps a no no ??? Besides a sig link gets seen more ;)

So was that you in the vid ?

jmke 5th July 2002 00:43


Originally posted by kms

So was that you in the vid ?

I was the one wearing the red "checkered"-shirt

kms 5th July 2002 03:13

the red chequered shirt as in the main presenter or the lumber jack style red shirt ? if that makes sense. Just watched it again btw, top vid :)

stevos 5th July 2002 08:02

whehehe just couldn't stop laughing with the video
it rules !!!
I hope the next one will be there pretty soon :super:

jmke 5th July 2002 13:18

/me -> JumberJackStyle :D

Deep Blue 5th July 2002 18:35

Fantastic work dudes :super:, hopefully there'll be some purty girls involved next time


markus876 6th July 2002 10:11


"this ones ****ed."

omg teh winnar :)

i started cracking up at that point and couldn't stop laughing...very well done!

and yes, there better be more videos :)

The Senile Doctor 6th July 2002 10:37


Originally posted by markus876

omg teh winnar :)
i started cracking up at that point and couldn't stop laughing...very well done!
and yes, there better be more videos :)


LazyBa5tard 5th August 2002 11:12

Nice vid! :o
But make sure next time you have some female action! (sorry Calantak ;) )

Unregistered 17th May 2003 18:04

So god damn wonderful !!!
Is there any more movies, or is the GF4 test goin on, or do you really goin to do such a test on that hardware?? :D

anyways, it was totaly wonderful !!

Xploited Titan 17th May 2003 19:43

What people won't do to entertain themselves :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Nice one, and it's the first time my ADSL worked so fine... I streamed the 70Mo video and I had no problems....

Try it with some screen (I would like to see the overvoltage test :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D , let's say 20000V :D :D :D )

Nice and entertaining video........ I only saw the hi-quality one, but quality was really good..... But I suggest using more directive microphones...... I found the sound of the wind rather distracting....

Keep it going pals.......

piotke 17th May 2003 20:57


Originally posted by Unregistered
So god damn wonderful !!!
Is there any more movies, or is the GF4 test goin on, or do you really goin to do such a test on that hardware?? :D

In 5 jears or so, when you can get a Geforce 4 for free :)

@ titin, watched the bloopers already ? The overvolting is explained there...

Xploited Titan 18th May 2003 08:21

I know, but I can always hope they gonna mess with real juice....

jmke 18th May 2003 11:48

new movie will be made this summer :)
the plot is highly secret :p

Quote: have been testing the endurance of CD-ROM drives. Webfroot assumes they are certified in one way or another... probably certified insane

Unregistered 31st December 2003 00:12

I must admit that ur vid kicks *** !

Anxiously awaiting next one !!!

Take care of yourselves! Smack !

Vulk 7th February 2004 10:41

I suggest we do something like this over again :)

IKilledMyAGOIA 9th March 2004 07:54

hmm, what else could be utterly destroyed?

i know i've put a few .30-06 rounds through a dvd drive and a printer before, but this is unheard of insane

TeuS 9th March 2004 08:02


Originally posted by IKilledMyAGOIA
but this is unheard of insane
well that's why we're called MAD shrimps after all

jmke 9th March 2004 08:54

I'm collecting those GF4 Ti4600 videocards :)
so we might do what we promise at the end of the flick :p

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