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jmke 24th April 2003 08:38

[M]emory Roundup Q1 2003
RichBastard spend an awfull lot of timing behind his 2 new amd/intel systems testing out the latest memory that has hit the market, his findings can be read in this great article!


With NForce2 mobo's capable of FSB speeds far beyond 200mhz and Intel Canterwood (875P) boards reaching an insane 300mhz FSB, it might be a good idea to go shop for some new memory.
Madshrimps has tested 7 popular high speed memory sticks for you. Different Corsair, Twinmoss, Apacer and Samsung sticks were put to the test. Which one will be your next buy?

Read the article here

the maniak 24th April 2003 12:47

nice test

but i have to say that mine Apacer PC2700 goes 175 MHZ at max settings without extra vdimm
thats on a epox 8k5a2+ with KT333 chipset

RichBa5tard 24th April 2003 12:54

To test max fsb, vdimm was set to 2.8v :)

jmke 24th April 2003 12:58

3.0v might even push some of them higher =)

RichBa5tard 24th April 2003 13:02

Not many boards are capable of 3.0vdimm. Most popular go to 2.7~2.9v

jmke 24th April 2003 13:14

Do I hear the sissing of a solder iron?
vdimm voltmod

jakkerd 24th April 2003 13:42

small question, what's the max 'safe' vdimm?

mot: kvaajt nice roundup :super:

RichBa5tard 24th April 2003 13:54

Corsair offers warranty up to 2.9vdimm if i'm not mistaken. I'd say that's a safe voltage.

FreeStyler 24th April 2003 16:03

You do have to keep the middle between heat production and signal integrity.

jmke 24th April 2003 16:35

use good memory cooling during benching =)
& you can easily push 3.2v+ through those DIMMs

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