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jmke 5th August 2002 18:55

Koolance pc2-c review
Koolance Review!

biCker takes a look at this all-in-one watercooling solution from Koolance. The PC2-C is tested here with an Athlon AMD 1.2ghz heating the water, will it boil? Find out in this review.


great work from biCker here, kickass review!

DUR0N 5th August 2002 19:37

pipet of pimped? No difference ;)

mot: pimped over nen dag of twee mijne VIA epia rev. ook eens aub. ;)

jmke 5th August 2002 19:42

was beetje overkill anders hé :)
don't worry

your hard worked will be noticed :)

Gamer 5th August 2002 20:10

nice one bicker,
good job.

Bosw8er 5th August 2002 20:14

:ws: biCker


Originally posted by DUR0N
mot: pimped over nen dag of twee mijne VIA epia rev. ook eens aub. ;)
already told you how good the reviews were ... but please run a spelling checker before publication ... even said it when we were mailing back and forth ..

jmke 5th August 2002 20:49


Koolance Reviewage:
PissedOffCrustaceans are at it again. Been a while since we heard from them, think it was molting season? Anyway, they are showing off one of the only ready-to-go out-of-the-box water cooled cases out there.

This really is a must have for people who don’t feel like tinkering around to much but who want a quiet and well performing cooling solution.
they keep coming up with original ways to describe our site :-)

jakkerd 5th August 2002 21:19

nice rev :super:

Falco 6th August 2002 19:34

Can It be that it isn't good to move a watercooled pc a lot?

jmke 6th August 2002 19:42

the risk for leaks is ofcourse great when you start moving around the PC

you better come fully prepared when you want to watercool your lanbox :)

Falco 7th August 2002 06:15

I move my PC every week & the case isn't that big

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