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jmke 22nd February 2003 16:13

Koolance PC2-C >> Antec Plusview 1000

A small article on how I installed the watercooling unit from the Koolance PC2-C case into my Antec Plusview 1000! I found the aircooling of my P4 2.8Ghz way too loud so I set out to get this baby watercooled, and while we're at it, why not chill my Radeon also?

RichBa5tard 22nd February 2003 18:19


Great pics you took there. :ws:

TeuS 22nd February 2003 19:14

nice stuff, looks lotsa better then your first mod ;)

try to be creative with some blacklights and so, gives a very nice result with watercooling you know

Erik701 22nd February 2003 21:05

mod: nevermind

piotke 22nd February 2003 21:51

mooi maar de eerste twee foto's zijn nogal blurry omgezet volgens mij....

jmke 25th February 2003 18:19


Je ne suis visiblement pas le seul à ne pas apprécier le look du Koolance...
En effet, un gars de chez MadShrimps vient de publier un déménagement complet du systeme de refroidissement Koolance dans une grande tour Antec...
j'applaudi d'autant plus l'audace de cette personne que la réalisation est superbe ;-)

@Piotke: onmogelijk om deze opnieuw te maken, I guess you know why :p

lapino 25th February 2003 18:26

btw, die foto van koolance komt niet van mij

jmke 25th February 2003 18:43

I know :grr: check biCker's Koolance review :grin:

Unregistered 15th May 2003 20:27

...nice looking, well done...
however the wrong monitor/keyboard choosed... like that demands something more impressive - Sony / NEC (or Samsung at the worst end) monitor (think about flatpanel, or even dualhead flatpanel!) and EluminX / Logitech / Microsoft keyboard...

RichBa5tard 15th May 2003 20:40

Don't you try to bash these sweet Smasung LCD's. :grin:

As a matter of fact, we have a eluminx keyboard review up shortly. =)

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