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jmke 23rd January 2003 18:06

IP Routing Advanced Info
Don't know if it of use to anyone here

since I'm busy with these things, I decided to write it down for future reference

biCker 23rd January 2003 21:25

Nice, I guess I could use some of it for finetuning my router (adsl is 2 or 3 times slower since I installed the damn thing), but it's all chinese to me ;)

jmke 23rd January 2003 21:27

first 2 pages are REALLY usefull to understand how IP addressing works. I will rely on it on some of my upcoming howto's :)

TerAngreal 23rd January 2003 21:41

some valuable info you wrote down ... and you're right about the first 2 pages, after reading it all thru twice it's all pretty clear now

hellovagoodjob !

(got this out of a course or something ?)

biCker 23rd January 2003 21:52

mmm, none of my network cards has settings that come close to those you mentioned. Just have asked you to drop by when you came to Leuven...

jmke 23rd January 2003 22:01

info found in 3ton of Nortel courses I got here... trying to be as neutral as possible in the info @ the howto, cause Nortel has alot of "own" ways of doing things :)

Zinzin 16th February 2003 18:43

I have to disagree on one part tho


* CLASS C : 1 byte for network - 3 bytes for hosts - RANGE: 192-223.x.x.x
Should be 3 Bytes for network & 1 byte for hosts

Second note:
Classes are of no use anymore since the coming of CIDR.
classes are now only used to talk about sizes of networks.

More info on CIDR (1st link on google ;) ) Seems a quite thorough explication.

Otherwise, nice resume :super:

jmke 16th February 2003 21:36

correct zinzin , It was typo that remained unnoticed for a loooong time :)

yep read up on CIDR also, the classes gives a nice idea & makes it easier for dividing, earlier on they were quite necessairy , but they are superceded now by CIRD

thnkx for the nice comment =)

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