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187(V)URD@ 21st April 2004 17:35

doesn't give battery effect because its anodized.

piotke 21st April 2004 19:06

You people can't read ?

It's copper & copper ...

easypanic 21st April 2004 19:12

I think they are misled because of the copper - anodized copper ;)

ns_ripper 15th June 2004 19:46


thnx to Dieter !

jmke 15th June 2004 19:56

thanks for sharing the link :super:

looks simple yet affective, wonder if performance can be increased even further if the block would be engineered following some guidelines of the TDX design, meaning that a small nozzle is placed above the copper cutouts to direct the waterflow

TeuS 15th June 2004 20:09

nehh, it's not possible for him to make blocks that are much more complicated

Dieter@be 15th June 2004 20:15

LOL, it's not that hard to make.
It's only drilling and tapping once more, and making an extra fitting. This would improve performance a lot. (as I said in the topic @Xtreme-oc)

jmke 15th June 2004 20:17

if he can design the block that it still only requires "just" 2 fittings that would make it a big PLUS, when it comes down to easiness of use.

ns_ripper 15th June 2004 20:29

in my humble opinion, to say it short and simple:

The internal design sucks.

TeuS 15th June 2004 20:29

straight fittings you mean?


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