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jmke 16th April 2004 14:18

Intimidator CPU-GPU-Chipset Water Blocks Review
Piotke scores a hatt-trick!


Now that water cooling systems are becoming more popular, you'll find a lot of retail solutions. Most of them are high priced and offer only average performance. Building the setup yourself is an option, but getting the blocks is the most difficult part I think. Good performance for a decent price...
This week I've been testing a new revision of a set of warter blocks from Frigus Engineerings. Blue powah!

wutske 16th April 2004 14:29

:super: Nice review :super:

Btw, did you realy count all the isomo cubes ? :grin:

Sidney 16th April 2004 16:37

Do U.S. customers get the discount??

And, what is the price in U.S. dollar?

piotke 16th April 2004 17:12


for that I would advise you to mail him. Discount should be no problem. but the price & shipping cost...

Dieter@be 16th April 2004 18:32

You showed a rendered pic of the inside, is that the inside of the cpu block? of also of the nforce2 block?
And how does the inside of the vga block look like?

Maybe just open all three of 'em and show us :p

Furthermore, how does it (the cpu block) compare to a block that has the water pressed vertically onto the core (like the cascade, or the rbx)

Dieter@be 16th April 2004 18:34

Oh yes, does the water ever gets into contact with anything else then copper? (apart from the brass fittings).
Because I dont know if I could trust the "anodized copper-alloy" for example.

piotke 16th April 2004 18:46

idonno, I'll try to open one block this evening

Dieter@be 21st April 2004 15:57

piotke is a busy man, or maybe he has problems with his memory :)

piotke 21st April 2004 16:15

Couldn't find the right tools.

The one "imbus sleutel" I have, that fits, has become round.

But, I can say:

BGA block has the same pattern inside, and only the base seems to pure copper. The top (on the inside), is also copper, but anodized.

TeuS 21st April 2004 17:04

does that affect the water in the loop, just like a combination of copper and alu give a battery effect?

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