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jmke 23rd December 2003 14:42

Intel Aircooling - Heatsink roundup December 2003 @ Madshrimps
The Madshrimps go in search for the best aircooling solution money has to offer, taking into account those who like their systems silent and those seeking to achieve the highest overclock!


Exotic heatsinks. Some people buy them for the looks, others buy them for the performance. Which one suits your needs ? We reviewed the Scythe Kamakaze, Swiftech MCX478-V, Speeze EE429B0 CopperSnake and the Thermalright SLK947-U

Unregistered 23rd December 2003 17:25

I recommend you test the Arctic Pro 4 TC. At 2800rpm / 36cfm the noise level is 23db due to using Hydro Suspension Bearings.
Fits on easily too as it attaches to the Intel retention clip.

jmke 23rd December 2003 18:47

is this graph wrong?

low temperature @ low RPM? high CPU temp at high rpm?

Jinx 24th December 2003 12:26

seems so yea...

i think C has to be dB
or RPM CPU speed....

even then it would be some crazy values...

jmke 24th December 2003 12:42

uhm 45dBa for a fan that runs 1400rpm? :p

Jinx 24th December 2003 13:05

aye... crazy values i said...

anyway... i dont think that graph makes any sense no matter what you change about it.

jmke 24th December 2003 13:14

the graph makes sense if you change the C values.. counting down instead of up :)

Jinx 24th December 2003 14:32

hmmm, yes...

who made that thing btw?

jmke 24th December 2003 16:36

check the link above.. arctic-cooling :/

Jinx 24th December 2003 16:54

thats kinda sad :(

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