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jmke 1st April 2004 23:54

I Water Cool My Rig Too
Lazyman, our latest [M] recruit, shows us how to improve the performance of a budget watercooling kit.


Not all Water Cooling system are created equal, the same applies to air cooling as we all know. A year or two ago, the bragging right was how loud your delta fan could run relative to how low the CPU temp was. Today, youŽd better have water cooling just to keep a spot at any forum. W/C is in; Delta fan is out, at least for now.

Sidney 2nd April 2004 00:41

Glad that I passed the entrance exam. Still, I caught a couple spelling errors. I am going to celebrate tonight, regardless. jmke is buying, anyone wants to come along .....

jmke 2nd April 2004 07:12


stay sober you!

The Senile Doctor 2nd April 2004 10:59

well, I can come along, can anyone pick me up and drive me to chicago?

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