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jmke 8th May 2005 15:33

How to Cool your PC with Dry Ice
A complete guide by Jort on working with Dry Ice so you can reach sub zero temperatures with your CPU and graphics card. Details on building containers, where to buy Dry Ice and important tips and tricks.

jmke 8th May 2005 15:34

you can read more about Jort's Dry Ice and LNē adventures over here:

kristos 8th May 2005 19:12

PRAXAIR, Nijverheidsstraat 4, 2260 OEVEL
their truck rides out to pick it up on friday, they store it over weekend and make the necessary deliveries first thing monday morning. So, friday and monday is your best bet but since most people will be doing this in the weekend, it's best to call them and have them keep some aside for you to pick up on friday.
I have the phone number here somewhere, if I find it, I'll post it.

normally I don't read a whole review/howto but for jort's article, I've made an exception :)

kristos 8th May 2005 21:23

Praxair Dep. KEMPEN
Nijverheidsstraat 4
2260 OEVEL 014/25 06 03

jort 8th May 2005 21:52

way to go to the editor;)

and tnx kristos for reading it and correcting a bit:)

jort 8th May 2005 21:59

the material that i am now using is ertalite or hd-1000 named.

this is something nobody know's, when tim was on the way to here i tested the plexi with lnē and a hammer. it was not breaking.

i think because the plexi was in direct contact with the container and the pressure due the screws it cracks.

so if you use plexi for holddown you should see the plexi doesn't make contact with the baseplate or tube and it w'll be oke:)


Kirmeo 9th May 2005 20:59

Why didn't you just solder the copper?

jort 9th May 2005 21:38

due the extreme temps the solder can crack.
some people do solder it because they don't have the equipment to do, but i DONT recommend soldering:)

jort 17th May 2005 23:05 :love:

jort 18th May 2005 12:11


Originally posted by kristos
Praxair Dep. KEMPEN
Nijverheidsstraat 4
2260 OEVEL 014/25 06 03

here is another one

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