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jmke 28th January 2004 19:08

Home-made CPU-,GPU-,Chipset-blocks tested
Piotke has some quality time getting his "hardware" wet ;)


Watercooling your entire system, something only for the rich ? Wrong!
Buying cheaper blocks means crappy performance ? Wrong again!
I received some home made water-blocks, for VGA, CPU and Chipset, to see how they stack up against retail water-cooling solutions. Now these blocks are going into mass production: low priced, good performing water-cooling for everyone? Let's find out

The Senile Doctor 29th January 2004 13:29

Hexus quote : "These guys are nuts but you gotta love their style. "


jmke 29th January 2004 13:33


HitenMitsurugi 29th January 2004 17:51

you've been inq'ed

The Senile Doctor 29th January 2004 18:32

Re: you've been inq'ed

Originally posted by HitenMitsurugi
and I feel all fuzzy and warm inside becausez of it :)

Unregistered 1st February 2004 18:28

Does that vga block fit radeons, or would someone have to remove the shim to get a the vpu?

Unregistered 5th February 2004 12:45

Yes, it will fit a radeon series, because the shim milled away in the copper.

Cheers Cees

piotke 10th March 2004 18:49

And, he now has his own site !

Click me

kristos 11th March 2004 00:04

hij heeft me aangeraden zijn produkten te bestellen via maar ik snap het systeem niet zo goed, wat moet ik nu in die vakjes invullen :shrug:

jmke 11th March 2004 08:45

this is a good start

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