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jmke 11th March 2003 09:35

The Heatsink Guide


Ever wonder what you could cool down in your case using heatsinks and some fans? I'll explain to you how to chill ram, mosfets, chips, videocards, HDD and much more. Take a look and discover the power of creativity...

Teus in action! great work :super:

Bosw8er 11th March 2003 09:57


excellent-a-mundo !

small note: maybe change the cfm/db comparison on the first page with a graph or better looking chart

jmke 11th March 2003 10:31

Editor doesn't have the tools / time available to do this right now
but it is added to list for him when he gets home :D

TeuS 14th March 2003 22:29

Sorry that i can't agree with you. From what i have learned, decibel is
logarithmic. i think the formula is decibel = 10 log X where X is the ratio of
2 sound.

When you add 20Db to 20Db, you don't get 40Db but 23Db(i am not sure the
correct answer). But I know 20Db is 10 times louder than 10Db and 30Db is 100
times louder than 10Db.

Other than this, I enjoy what you wrote. :-)


--- Teus wrote:
> hi there
> dBa means decibel, yes
> 50 decibel is indeed twice as loud as 25 decibel, when you measure it with a
> tool...
> but watch out: 25 dBA is silent, while 50dBa is terribly loud!
> hope you understand it and enjoyed my howto
> greetz, Teus

>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: Cheong Ng
>> To:
>> Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 5:28 PM
>> Subject: The Heatsink Guide
>> hi, just wonder what does Dba mean? is it decibel?? if that's the case, you
>> can't divide CFM with it as decibel is not proportional. meaning 20 decibel
>> is not twice as loud as 10 decibel.
>> if Dba is not decibel, please tell me what is it. thanks.
>> cheong

good thinking
anywayz... as I stated: the more CFM, the drastically more noise

jmke 14th March 2003 23:31

can you quote what is yours & what is by Cheong? :)

TeuS 14th March 2003 23:44


Originally posted by jmke
can you quote what is yours & what is by Cheong? :)

that dBA stuff, major mistake :/

jmke 15th March 2003 00:02

yep, you should have known that one TeuS.. -> search dba

Bored 4th April 2003 13:12

Is it possible that in the papst comparison chart the 8412 N has to be 8412 NG?

TeuS 9th April 2003 19:59


Originally posted by Bored
Is it possible that in the papst comparison chart the 8412 N has to be 8412 NG?
indeed ;)

I'll correct it as soon as I'm back from eating w/ parents and my network is online :*

jmke 7th May 2003 12:37


Originally posted by TeuS

I'll correct it as soon

1 month later, JMke corrects the error :p

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