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jmke 13th April 2009 13:11

HDD Upgrade Time: Acard ANS-9010 vs Gigabyte I-RAM vs SSD
As an alternative to the slow platter-based hard drives there already a few ram disk-based solutions on the market. Acard recently designed their ram disk product, which allows users to use DDR2 memory as storage method. Today, we have a look at the performance of the Acard ANS-9010 and compare it with normal hard disk drives, SSD technology and other ram disks.

Bosw8er 15th April 2009 01:05

Been a while since i read an entire article.
hattip to you!

Don't know if it's still possible, but including a small vid might be more .. euh ... illustrative (opposed to graphs)


jmke 15th April 2009 08:23

like this you mean?

Bosw8er 15th April 2009 09:45


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 235441)

missed that because of hollidays

jmke 15th April 2009 12:49


Originally Posted by Bosw8er (Post 235442)
missed that because of hollidays

shame on you! :)

Diegis0n 20th April 2009 11:36

Grreat review! I just love what the Acard can do :-p

Vertex vs hdd is amazing :D we've all known for long that hdd is a serious bottleneck and this illustration is just :naughty: makes me want to order 1 :rolleyes:

leeghoofd 21st April 2009 11:26

I can lend you my Vertex mate if you wish ( 60Gb ) will arrive this week

Diegis0n 21st April 2009 11:31

talking to me? :o

leeghoofd 21st April 2009 11:37

ze one and only :ws:

Ik heb weinig tijd nu om te benchen : I7 roundup afwerken, volgende week heel de week weg met het werk, dan Lanparty met Blindje, dus ik kan ze wel even missen.

Diegis0n 21st April 2009 11:40

Ik zou ze pas na mijn examens kunnen "benutten" wat 05/05 wordt dus juist na de lan :D als je er dan nog geen tijd voor hebt, i'd love to ;)

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