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leeghoofd 15th July 2010 18:35

Gskill Flare 4Gb F3-1600CL7D AMD kit

Special cooler included in the kit

2000mhz CL7-9-7-24 retailing at a price of 220 euro's

Even though this kit is intended for maximum performance on the AMD platform (mainly 890GX/FX boards) we will also test it's performance/efficiency and overclocking potential on the Intel i5 platform.

jmke 15th July 2010 19:02

that's a short compatibility list :-/

leeghoofd 15th July 2010 19:05

Well eg the GB 890FX UD7 doesn't do 1900mhz. At the moment only the Asus 890FX based motherboards bundled with a good Thuban CPU do 2000mhz and beyond...

jmke 15th July 2010 19:16

in that case the title/name is incorrect of that mobo listing,

to use this kit to full potential you need one of the motherboards listed

from that label it reads as if this kit will only work on those 3 mobos listed and no other DDR3 board out there

leeghoofd 15th July 2010 19:17

Well it will work, but never at the rated speeds... I might better pass this onto Frank, as indeed it's confusing...

EDIT : Tested on the 790FX and 890FX from Gigabyte, rams barely do 1700mhz there, on the ASrock I got 1800mhz C7 sort of working ( read not 24/7 stable )

On all the above 3 platforms Cas 6 is a no go... I wonder what they will do on the Asus board ( have to send it back on monday )

Massman 18th July 2010 16:46

Since these are PSC, you'll need to run 6-9-6 or 7-9-7 or maybe even 7-10-7 for high clocks.

leeghoofd 18th July 2010 16:52

I know that Boss... but C6-9-6-24 does not post on the above 2 motherboards, not even on 1600mhz !

Massman 19th July 2010 12:58

Oh, so only useful with Asus?

moy2010 20th July 2010 23:25

Yep, that seems to be the case.

Frank sent me a Flare kit too, I'll share with you my results ASAP :woot: .

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