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RichBa5tard 8th March 2004 19:52

Graphic Card Cooler roundup


With modern graphic cards producing as much heat as a modest desktop processor, 3rd party graphic card coolers have changed from being an exotic piece of aluminium owned by geeks to a necessity for silent/cool computing. We tested 7 popular VGA coolers to see which one would suit your needs best, whether you are searching for silence or extra performance..

TeuS 8th March 2004 20:34

great review, is it possible to mention the estimated price of the products?

in the end, for most people it doesn't come down to a performance difference of a few degrees between cooler A and B, it comes down to the ease of installation, pricing and availability

IMO the VGA silencer is the all-around winner: you can get it for under 20 (under 20$), it's easy to install, it lowers the case temperature (hot air is blown out of the case) while other cards raise the case temperature. and last but not least: with some casecooling it's the best performer out there :o

RichBa5tard 8th March 2004 20:37

I wanted to include price estimate, but the coolers vary too much in price. I've seen the 80C-HP for as low as 20, and as high as 35 euro... maybe i should include a link?

jmke 8th March 2004 20:39 and maybe for our international readers?

Great piece of writing, great pictures, awesome testing, good conclusion.. you are truly the :king:

jakkerd 8th March 2004 20:42


Originally posted by jmke
Great piece of writing, great pictures, awesome testing, good conclusion.. you are truly the :king:

[Bonbon] 8th March 2004 22:59

super review :mad: , and now sell me that arctic silent cooler :grin:

Unregistered 9th March 2004 08:36

Very good review indeed, I just wish you issued it 2 weeks earlier: I won't have bought the Giant 2 !! lol
Seriously, in the beginning of the test you measure the noise level of the Giant2 using either no fan, the opt. fan in 5V and the fan in 12V. But in the rest of the test you never tell wether the fan is spinning at 5 or 12 V... Could you be a bit more precise please next time ??
An indication of wether the passive solutions enter or not in a Shuttle-like mini-PC would have been great too !!

RichBa5tard 9th March 2004 12:16

The Giant 2 does not come with a 5V/12V adapter, so it's only tested at 0/12V, but not 5V.

You're mixing it up with the zalman 80C-HP + opt fan, which comes with a 5V/12V molex split, hence it's tested at 0/5/12V.

It's hard to tell whether the passive coolers will be good enough for mini-PC's. The arctic cooling vga silencer would be great, but you'll need a spare pci slot next to your vga port.

Unregistered 9th March 2004 14:44


Just wondering if the Artic Cooling VGA Silencer can be used on the geForce FX 59xx platform?

Great review by the way, keep up the good work!

The Senile Doctor 9th March 2004 14:46

RichyB, is that arctic cooling vga silencer available in .be?

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