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jmke 4th November 2002 21:34

GlobalWin GAT001
GlobalWin has basically done for PC Cases, what AMG and BRABUS have done for Mercedes. Provide an out of the box tuned product of high standards. Did they succeed? Read on to find out.

TerAngreal 4th November 2002 21:54

nice review -- to the point it is ;)

one remark tho ... i think it would be clearer to use normal colours in those bars you made

jmke 4th November 2002 22:06

adjusted :)

jakkerd 4th November 2002 22:39

very nice rev!!

TerAngreal 5th November 2002 09:47


Originally posted by jmke
adjusted :)
a lot better imo :)

RichBa5tard 5th November 2002 10:16

nice review, but the case still s*cks donkey balls in my humble opinion. ;p

How come the "in case" temps are lower than the "out case" temps? That's almost impossible, unless you've got a windtunnel in there. ???

jmke 5th November 2002 12:49

You're just saying the case sucks cause you were flashed by it 24/24 during the M lanparty :-)

and there IS a windtunnel in there :-)
that explains the Lower temps

room temp was the same in both tests

Syco 5th November 2002 13:04

1)Where can this case be bought? You say, it's from comtech, but I don't find it on their website.

2)what about the problem with PSU's? What do they mean with upside dual fans PSU's? Which PSU is good to put in this case?

DJ-EviL 5th November 2002 13:24

its very pricy i guess ?

jmke 5th November 2002 14:40

since the PSU is @ the top of the case -> topside fan will draw/exchaust NO air

Comtech will put them on their price list any day soon (on comtech or modder)

it think the price will be in the 200-300 range

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