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Massman 10th September 2009 20:27

Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6
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Recieved this a couple of days ago; will start testing after I've wrapped up the Core i5 review (should be in one-two days).

First results I find in OC forums make me have high expectations!

leeghoofd 10th September 2009 22:14

Looking forward to this board compared with Asus brand new toy (better get Milan on the phone :p)

Massman 13th September 2009 10:30

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More pictures in the upcoming review of this board!

Massman 13th September 2009 13:04

Wow, this board seems to be really fast :eek:

Massman 14th September 2009 16:57

Okay, in contrary to the GD80 board, I can increase the PCI-e frequency quite a lot on this board. Now booting 113MHz and still going up

GD80 doesn't do 103 stable

Massman 14th September 2009 17:22

145MHz now :-/

Massman 14th September 2009 22:55

I've been playing with the P55-UD6 on air and single stage these last couple of days and I found a whole new appreciation for the GD80 board :).

As for the UD6:

- Memory bandwidth performance is excellent; very easy to reach high numbers without actually pushing the memory.
- Bios is absolutely fantastic in terms of lay-out
- Board feels smooth overall (<-> gd80), but that's a very subjective opinion. Don't know what it is, just feels smooth
- Hits 150MHz PCI-e with small increase in voltage - too bad not much performance increase
- On air it clocks pretty much the same as the GD80

- On phase I can run 230x20 as stable as on the GD80, but with the GD80 I can push to 233MHz 01 stable whereas it's nearly impossible with the UD6. Reason underneath.
- A lot of issues with vcore/vtt setting. I boot 1.50/1.50 or 1.518/1.52V, but anything over that just doesn't work ... on the MSI I can't go over 1.54V VTT either, but I can push a little bit harder on the Vcore on single stage, hence why I can bench a tad higher.

In any case, thanks to the better memory and uncore performance I've been able to increase my 01 score with 1200 points using less mhz.

Kougar 15th September 2009 01:09


Originally Posted by Massman (Post 244187)
145MHz now :-/

That's incredible... I am curious though, just to check are you sure that the BIOS setting has a real effect on the PCIe freq? I've seen early BIOS's offer settings that didn't actually change anything, and such a gain would be astonishing!

Next question would be if overclocking the PCIe freq changes the DMI freq, since it's really a PCIe 2.0 4x link?

Massman 15th September 2009 09:55

I'll digg into that today, but it seems that there's actually a frequency change. For 150MHz I need to bump up the voltage because it's not stable at stock volts; that would indicate there's a change.

leeghoofd 15th September 2009 11:18

Blades working condition ? those results are with the Plat's I suppose ?

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