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Massman 3rd September 2009 10:22

Galaxy GTS250 ready to be tested
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Just recieved this one as well. Ready for testing as we speak :D

Will be updated with voltage modifications soon.

jmke 3rd September 2009 10:27

so this is a 9800 GTX+ in disguise?

Massman 3rd September 2009 10:31

1GB, 256-bit.

I'll need to check for clock speeds, but yes, it seems that this is another wordplay of Nvidia/

jmke 3rd September 2009 10:35

pretty sure; there's also a 512mb version in shops, different clock speeds again too;

Massman 3rd September 2009 15:59

Clocks are 738/1836/1000, what are those of a 9800GT?

leeghoofd 3rd September 2009 16:19

600/1500/900 9800GT
675/1688/1100 9800GTX
738/1836/1100 9800GTX+ 512

Due to the 1Gb ram they lowered the ram clocks... I wonder how it's gonna be rebranded in the 3 series... there are rumours again...

Would be nice to have a 2nd one :)

Massman 3rd September 2009 16:34

and a third one as it support 3-way sli

fastest GTS250 seems to be the asus one: elmenu=2

this one is actually clocking quite well: 850/2100/1050 through GT2 vantage as we speak

jmke 3rd September 2009 16:58

it's indeed a renamed 9800 GTX+ as I posted :D

Massman 3rd September 2009 17:10

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All hail your superiour hardware knowledge :ws: :ws:

Card's clocking quite well on stock cooling, you find a picture of the 3DM-V I ran underneath: 850/2100/1150 fully stable; score is already 3rd on the bot. Too bad Galaxy choose to use Qimonda memory: imagine the boost in performance with 1500+ memory speeds!

Voltage modifications are SO easy. We'll have to go through the VID tables to add more voltage the easy way, though: OVP kicks in at VID +150mV. We will be able to bypass OVP if needed, but without the modification we can already go upto 1.6V via VID ;). OCP seems to be quite easy as well.

As for memory: modification is easy, but it's known that Qimonda memory doesn't scale that well with voltage.

VGPU = 1.3V / 1.33V (idle/load) - 4 phase
VMEM = 2.11V / 2.05V (idle/load) - 1 phase

leeghoofd 3rd September 2009 18:10

You want some watercooling ? I can lend it ya for a few weeks

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