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jmke 3rd February 2004 23:25

Extreme AMD Athlon XP overclocking


Now that Intel and AMD are pushing their next generation products onto the market, we see a performance gap between older generation CPU's and the new breed. We try to give the Athlon XP an eXtreme performance boost so it can keep up!

ThommY 4th February 2004 12:00

Heres mine on 2v core (1800+)
Ill post my whole project here when it's all finished.

jmke 4th February 2004 12:08


226Watt TEC?
how warm does your CPU get under load?

piotke 4th February 2004 12:41

thommy has a prommy :)

jmke 4th February 2004 12:56

his info is outdated

Into PC's since: 1992
CPU: Xp 1800+@2560
Vidcard: Gf4 ti 4600(mod)
Cooling: H2o+air+tec

piotke 4th February 2004 13:01

btw it worth it ?

My athlon 64 overclocked with boxed cooler performs the same as the XP @ 2.85 GHz from tommy...

my price: 240 € for the CPU
his: prom +-400 €, cpu 60 €...


ThommY 4th February 2004 13:05

Imo it's not worth it. But your cpu wasn't available at that time;)
And jmke those setting are idd my old ones, still have to update it. The tec is on my videocard btw.

jmke 4th February 2004 14:51

when he upgrades to an A64 939 in April you'll stop laughing piotke, A64 @ 3ghz will not be possible "on air" :p

The Senile Doctor 4th February 2004 15:15

curious how that will be :)
those athy 939's 'd best overclock well :)

if we see skyhigh OC's on mach2's with socket 939 athy's or with those 775 prescotts, I'd be têmpted to buy one bad prommy again :)

ThommY 4th February 2004 18:38


Originally posted by calantak
curious how that will be :)
I'm waiting for that right now. As for the prom, well i wanted to have the phase change experience and i had a real nice second hand deal so i whas tempted to buy it:^D A64 is a real dream for gamers/overclocers like me. Preformance and cheap! I'm sticking to my xp for now. My new R9800 gives me a nice boost in games so i can wait a while. Benchmarking like 3dmark.. well i'm not interessted in it at the moment. We are all charing the a64 fever:super:

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