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jmke 15th May 2006 15:30

Epox MF570 SLI AM2 Motherboard Preview
With only 8 days until the official launch of AMD´s AM2 more information is leaking out about the upcoming platform, we take a sneak peek at the offering from Epox, the MF570 SLI which has quite a bit of features to please the enthusiast out there.

Rutar 15th May 2006 16:35

wow, one of my perfect motherboard suggestion came alive :o

no more old ports and firewire

but the NB heatsink is still crap and it's still at a crappy location

jmke 15th May 2006 16:47

where would you place it? it can't be too high up -> too long connection to storage devices, can't be too down either, for same reason.

Rutar 15th May 2006 17:23

mount a 0 dba heatpipe one then

Sidney 15th May 2006 21:33

They are always looking for good people like you; with very decent pay :)

FireTech 16th May 2006 00:55

Cheers windwithme!
It all looks a little cramped on the right hand (memory) side (no Ninja's allowed) and what's with the chipset fan? At least there may be room to fit a passive cooler for those who want silence or a decent active cooler for overclockers.
The 24 pin connector looks to be in a difficult position too..
It better be cheap if it's going to compete!

goingpostale1 16th May 2006 03:20

Ok I'm sure someone has asked this before, and I see these things in a few [M] Mobo reviews. What exactly are those little animal type thingies made of beads. They're placed on the mobos in the review pictures. Just wondering because the first time I saw em thought I was halucinating.
Oh and More between PCI Express x16 slots ftw. I always thought putting them close together might have an effect of one card baking the other so to speak. Also allows for coolers like the Artic Silencer and such.

goingpostale1 16th May 2006 03:22

I've seen* I thought I*

jmke 16th May 2006 07:43

small Crystal Cats :)

jmke 16th May 2006 11:25

this Preview has been temporarliy removed at the request of nVidia. it will be back online next week.

GIBSON 16th May 2006 17:12

about those early benchmark results, aren't those timings very laxed, i know DDR2 has higher timings but that has improved quite a bit right

jmke 16th May 2006 17:26

at DDR2 800 speed timings can't remain so tight

FireTech 19th May 2006 23:55

nVidia certainly aren't making any friends with their recent heavy handed tactics...

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