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jmke 4th March 2003 07:59

DIY glowing knobs


You've got a bunch of bright LED's who blind the ppl behind you or illuminate your entire room, and you're looking for a stylish solution? Look no further.


TerAngreal 4th March 2003 09:26

very neat solution !

one question tho - can you see any light coming from those LED's when looking straight at the aluminium cover ?

RichBa5tard 4th March 2003 09:43

Oh my god, they're amazing! :ws:


@TA: it's a little bit like seeing the 'corona' of the sun, when there is a... euh... zonsverduistering.

Roswell 4th March 2003 09:49


biCker 4th March 2003 10:16

! genius at work !

jmke 4th March 2003 11:14


Originally posted by RichBa5tard
solar eclipse =-)

Da`Hitch 7th March 2003 03:11

it looks very, very nice.

do you suppose this would work with plastic instead aluminum aswell?

RichBa5tard 7th March 2003 08:55

probably, but it will look less fancy.

jmke 7th March 2003 08:57

RichBa5tard is like a crow, he likes shiny things, collects them, and puts them in/on his case :^D

Unregistered 4th June 2003 22:11

How would you put the lights behind the knobs?
Here is my my lighted bay


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