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Massman 19th January 2009 21:53

DFI Lanparty DK X58-T3eH6 overclocking results
Sorry for the very little text, but I need to get to bed |D. The DFI seems to be in a complete other league than the boards I previously tested, especially when it comes to cpu overclocking. On stock voltage, I managed to squeeze out a tad more than 3800MHz, whereas the R2E only allowed me to go up to 3500MHz! Furthermore, with 1.2v, I'm very close to hitting 4GHz: I already managed to get a cpu-z validation of the 4GHz, but it's not even stable enough to run 1M.

Anyway, here are the results:

BCLK frequency

Unable to hit the common wall at 220~222MHz bclk.

Memory frequency

Once again, CL9 reaches a lower frequency than the CL7 setting, probably due to the low voltage.

When using 1.85v, I managed again to hit over 1GHz relatively stable. With the new Elpida chips coming, we'll see more of this ... well, better than this actually: higher frequency, lower timings and lower voltage. Be warned!

CPU Frequency

As said before, this is where the DFI stands out. I'll retest the R2E.

With higher voltage: (disabling HT didn't increase the maximum stable frequency)

Fastest 4M time

This category could easily be called "Fastest Combined Frequency", but that would make things to complex. The comparison results of the motherboards in the final article will make more sense; stand-alone, these results are hard to interpretend.

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