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Massman 24th March 2009 10:00

DFI Lanparty DK 790FXB-M3H5 pictures
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Just arrived today ...

Massman 24th March 2009 10:07

If you want more detailed pictures, let me know!

damian 29th March 2009 21:10

I've been waiting to see what DFI had up their sleeves for AM3. Cant wait for its overclocking potential and the full review!


Massman 7th April 2009 15:07

Spotted a typo in the bios: "CPU Vlotage" :D

Massman 7th April 2009 16:39

I'm spending my first few minutes trying to overclock this board and it seems that the DDR3 version of Dfi's AMD series has a lot of memory issues. Especially when increasing the HTT frequency.

To be continued

Massman 7th April 2009 18:56

Okay, the key to a succesful HTT overclock seems to be in the HTT boot clock. The boot clock and actual used HTT frequency can be manually changed, so that you can boot at a much lower frequency than your actual overclock, probably to fix certain boot issues when overclocking. Now, this is what happens:


200/250: no boot
249/250: boot
275/300: boot, but not in windows
285/300: currently running 3DMark

Massman 7th April 2009 21:10

Was trying to find max HTT of this board.

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