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jmke 23rd February 2004 17:26

Danger Den: RBX Power Kit
* RBX 478 Lucite Top 1/2" Chrome fittings
* Black Ice Xtreme "Black"
* 12v Laing Pump
* Typhoon Quad Reservoir (bay reservoir)
* Evercool 120mm fan (Chrome fan, flashy)
* 4oz Zerex Water Coolant (Water Wetter)
* 7 feet Clearflex Tubing
* Arctic Silver Ceramique
* 12x 1/2" Hose Clamps

More info

GorenBarry 23rd February 2004 17:53

looks nice :)

TeuS 23rd February 2004 18:39

without any doubt, that's one of the best kits around!

IKilledMyAGOIA 24th February 2004 02:25


chills running down spine

its gonna be an interesting one, for sure

Magnum_ 24th February 2004 09:58

Anyone knows a belgian shop that sells it? And it's price?

jmke 27th March 2004 15:28

We suffered a setback, me and TerAngreal set out today to get the whole kit installed @ his place (I simply don't have room to build a watercooling setup :-/). It seems we are missing 2 things, one having more impact on the outcome then the other.

The 12V pump should have a bracket as seen in the pic below, but it wasn't included in the package we received:

no biggie, as the we fabricate something to hold the pump up quite easily..

but the other thing we found missing stops us dead in our tracks, as there were no fittings for the radiator; we tried to use the ones who were included with the bay reservoir but that turned out to be a bad idea :/
TerAngreal is going to order some copper fittings for the BIX so we get this great looking kit installed.

I just got myself a new Digicam to play with.
I took several pictures of the RBX, it is a true piece of craftmanship!

I have a Canon G5 and Canon A300 here. Took pics with them both. Can you tell me which picture was taken with what camera? :)

jmke 27th March 2004 15:29

RBX pic two

TeuS 27th March 2004 16:14

what barbs do you need?

I've got 3/8" / 12mm barbs, in case you need such barbs

TerAngreal 27th March 2004 16:15


jmke 27th March 2004 17:05

DangerDen will be sending us the missing pieces! :ws:

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